Why have dual screen monitors

Well if you have been around computers as much as I have. You may have seen something like this.

And you stop to think, How could that be useful? Well. Maybe you could work on one are and watch a movie or have a music player on the other side. Some people just want to have more work space to actually do real work on (weirdos). But some people, use them for gaming and have more peripheral vision. Nice!

In theory, the amount of monitors you could put together is unlimited, with the right software. But really, I see most people needing only one or two. Would you like to learn how to do this?

The easiest way I’ve seen is by using a  laptop. First get a laptop, most laptops have something like this built in.

Plug in the cable that usually goes to your computer as seen above. If you don’t have an extra monitor or the cable is a little different like, with more pins, that may be a DVI cable and you will have to look for opther methods to plug in your laptop to that monitor. But if it works, you may notice that Windows 7 and Vista automatically recognixze that there’s and extra monitor plugged in and start using it as a mirror display with that’s on your laptop screen. But that’s poiuntless. OK then let’s set it up the right way.

Most of the population runs on Windows 7 So I’ll use that as an example. I assume you already have the monitor plugged into your laptop. Two easy steps, that you probably already knew.

  • Right Click the desktop and click on screen resolution. Third from bottom.
  • From the next menu that pops up, you may be able to see that both monitors are there (If not, click detect), maybe as mirrored but if you check through the menus, you will find something that says, “Extend These Displays.” click apply to test these changes and now you can enjoy using dual monitors.

There an many tools that can also help you deal with dual monitor issue like extending the task bar. Like Zbar does the job for me, even though it crashes all the time. Even so. You can have fun with your dual monitor setup, now you will enter the world where configuration issues will haunt you for life. Or you can just watch a movie like I did.

And to end it, dual monitor’s are really cheap now, you can get an extra used monitors for around 40 or 50$, your desktop might even have space on it’s video card, or just get an extra video card for performance and you could enjoy more Windows mayhem. Or Linux confusion, take your pick.



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