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  What electronic device do you spend most of your day touching and using all the time. Some people could say their cell phones, other can say their laptop, camera, or whatever. But to most nerds, and even some normal folk, they spent most of their time in front of a computer. And what devices do they use frequently? Keyboard and Mouse combo. Now for some people it really doesn’t matter what they use to type or click with. But if you ask a graphics artist they may say they need a mouse with really high DPI for their photo editing or what not. If you ask a blogger or programmer, they would say that the keyboard really matters. You ask a gamer, they need both. But why do most people, still deal with cheap 10$ equipment to communicate with their $1000 computers? Do you see something wrong with that? It’s like the guy who listens to his iPod with 5$ headphones. You’re not getting the most out of your machine.Woah! Does it really matter that much? No, not at all. If you never cared about what you type on, or what you click with. You’re probably already fine the way you are. But if your mouse is annoying you, or your keyboard is bugging the heck out of you, or maybe you’ve wondered what the heck is the deal with those super expensive keyboards, then read on.

If you use a computer a lot and consider yourself a PC dude or a heavy typist, you may have heard about Mechanical keyboards, hey! You may even own one already. But as for me…

(Here’s my story) My wrists and back started hurting because I typed a lot and really didn’t use proper posture, then for some reason, I noticed that I really didn’t like those “Soft keyboards” Have you even noticed that? Some keyboards feel considerably soft and quiet, but I always used the slightly noisier and more firm membrane keyboards. I don’t know why, maybe it was because I learn how to type on a typewriter, maybe I was a bit old fashioned, and it was definitely because I did not care at all about looks. I grabbed the ugliest and biggest of keyboards to do my work with, and was happy.

But then I heard something about Mechanical keyboards. My interest sparked. For a while I thought about if I ever used one? Are they really that special? The IBM model M are the ones I first heard about. After researching that they are and how they worked, Now I really wanted to try one.

This post will not be written until I come to my senses and the pixie dust falls from my eyes, as some dude from work once said. So what you are reading now happened a long time ago and I’m just talking about it now.

(Flashback) I remember an old typewriter. (End flashback)

Good times, but I do remember chicken pecking was not effective at all. Even so I still feel like I haven’t learned how to fully touch type yet. (Even though my average typing speed is 45WPM) Sad, but back to the point. What is a mechanical keyboard? Originally keyboards where part of the computer, that’s right, attached and everything. So that meant the keys on that computer had to be of good and excellent quality because if you need to replace the keyboard, then the whole computer needed to be fixed, quite pricey indeed, so they made them  all out of metal and hard plastic.

And this tech was a heck of a lot better than what they used before. Punch cards with holes fed into the machine to do stuff. like calculate. But seriously I don’t know why it took them so long to figure out that a keyboard would work better, they were already invented before, typewriters existed since 1867. Well there’s so many facts I could mention that pretty much confirm what’s already said about them on the Internet on sites like. but if you just came into this article because you have a slight curiosity in mechanical keyboards. Then read on!

This post will mainly be about the DAS Keyboard. Since I have owned one for like 3 months, this makes me an expert compared to those who never touched one.

The Good.
1. It feels nice. The blue Cherry switches, (those things under the keys, colors are to know the difference in behaviour) are nice and quick, responsive and light. I don’t feel like i have to jam the whole key and pound all over it. I think I have can sort of fly over the keys once I really get going,
2. It sounds nice too. The noise does not bother me, it may bother some people especially if you are typing at full speed in a quiet room and two or three people are trying to talk over your louding smashing and pounding of the keys, then it will be a bother. But where I work, in a LAB environment, it’s very quiet. Plus it’s not like i care about what they’re saying anyways.
3. Feels of high quality. Not of super high quality like OMG that’s made out of gold! But it is THE best keyboard I’ve ever typed on, without a doubt. I also feel like one with the machine, more robotic, always a good sign. (type type sound)
4. the keys have a cool font. laser printed key make them last longer, though i do hope they completely wear out soon. Might take a while.
5. It’s shiny.
6. USB ports are convenient, I would prefer them on the left side, but it’s only cause I use the mouse on the right, like 90% of the population.
7. It’s a crazy simple keyboard, no frills, no fancy lights or FN keys, straight to the point IluvTyping keyboard.

1. Scratches and scuffs easily. But really I don’t care about looks. You’re pretty just the way you are you hefty ugly 80’s thing. Even so with all the misuse I’ve given it, it still looks nice and new. Just make sure not to type with knives, or any other metal objects on your fingers. Though if you try HARD enough, your nails may be enough to make light scratches.
1 1/2. Some people say that the laser printed keycaps wear out eventually, but really I think of that as bonus, cause that means, that with enough typing I’ll have a blank keyboard! A proud achievement for any typist. Joking aside, this doesn’t seem to be a real issue for the most of us who don’t type like maniacs or have rubbing disorders.
2. Non Detachable Cable. Actually I think I would have lost it by now. Hmm nevermind. Good idea it’s permanently attached, plus it’s nice and thick and requires 2 USB ports. That may be bad for some of you, but you only need one for the keyboard and one for the USB ports.
3. It’s not heavy enough. My old Compaq keyboard was heavier than this, and it wasn’t mechanical. The DAS is light enough to carry around and not bother me, plus it doesn’t move when I type or play games. Easily. I don’t know what those whiners say about this keyboard. It’s not heavy! But wait, shouldn’t this be in the good section? No! I like heavy things, makes then harder to steal and cause more pain. I’m talking about keyboards not girls.
4. You know, for someone who doesn’t care about looks, I can sometimes be a perfectionist.

You see that! Light leaking from das Keyboard Tsk Tsk.That’s about it, as you can see nothing really major. Just me whining. Ohh wait I just remembered the biggest complaint about this keyboard!

5. It’s expensive. Think of the most expensive keyboard you’ve never seen. Now cut the price by 1/4, and minus 100$ and you’ve got some money to buy the DAS and maybe some accessories! OK so i’ts not that expensive. But 130$ is very worth it. Especially if you’re going to be spending the majority of your life with it. Again, I’m talking about keyboards here.

I went to Fry’s the other day to see what kind they had. Sure they had some 70$ and 130$ ones, and they seemed cool for gaming an everything, but nothing felt as great as the DAS keyboard. Typing wise I mean, not too much of a gamer anymore so it was pointless for me to get a cool gaming keyboard since all I do on mine is type anyways. (note: This is not my ideal keyboard for gaming since i have to fully depress the keys in order for the little guy in my video game stop running. Not a deal breaker though since I bought this for typing and comfort, not for gaming.)

Part of my decision in buying this brand was also influenced due to the fact that DAS keyboard ONLY MAKES KEYBOARDS. And I thought to myself, if a company can survive by making only one product, that product must be good. That and many reviews about it, helped me make my decision, one I don’t regret 2 months after purchasing, I do wish I’ve waited 2 more weeks when they announced the Black Friday special. Darn, missed it by that much.
I take this baby to work with me everyday, and take her home when the day is done. Maybe one day I’ll get another.


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