Something about Video Games.

Many people just don’t seem to understand the way the gaming market works. Let’s use Gamemaker fictitious game developers as an example. They come out with a great idea for a new game, they advertise and hype up it up. People preorder and buy the game the moment it comes out, (often buying the latest gaming hardware to play the game) and once they beat the game or get tired of it, they move onto the next one.

This all seems too common, and yet people fall for it. Is it really falling for it if they actually like this experience? Not really, but they are spending an awful lot of money just to stay up to date on the gaming market. So what do some people do to actually enjoy games just for the heck of it and not spend so much money?

With Cellphone magic rolling around everywhere nowadays, This proved to many people that they don’t care about fancy lights and graphics, but the funness of a game. They conformed to playing simple addicting games on their handheld devices. It’s not too different from when gameboys came out. Because in this situation, what really matters is the portability of actually holding a fun game and playing it wheverer and wherever you are. How can you save money here? Well, there are plenty of free games out there. Also, cellhpone are notoriosly known for being good emulators for SEGA, Nintendo, and other games form the past. Now you don’t need a TV or a console to enjoy these games! Maybe a computer sometimes. And usually you don’t have to buy the games since they are usually available free for download as .roms. Sure there are certain legal issues here, sometimes, but it’s not like someone’s gonna miss those games right? PS if anyone asks, the original popular portable gaming device, is a gameboy. And I still use mine proudly.

But the issue here is that new games like Skyrim and WOW expansion packs, or Star Wars the old Republic; major games like those that cost like 60$ and up are what’s killing people. Have you ever noticed how in a year or two when the sequel comes out, the game is much cheaper? Get my idea. Waiting. When you wait for a game to become cheaper and gaming hardware as well, you can save some money. One thing I always like telling myself whenever I get the urge to buy a game is, “There will always be games, they will never go away” (added following) but hide, and when you have time, you can go find it and enjoy it.” So maybe in 5 years when good gaming hardware becomes cheaper to afford I can finally play Skyrim comfortably on High.

But wait? Won’t newer games come out and you won’t be able to play those? Yes, but that’s why it’s cool to be retro. That’s right I learned something about myself, I am retro. When you can’t afford the latest that’s out now, go for the latest that was 5 years ago (or more!). That way you will never go over your budget and you can enjoy the latest games. (I just bought Real MYST! Can’t wait to play on Full Res!) This method of thinking also applies to many other things (like clothes), but not all (like food). You decide.

This blog post has no real informative value, just something I’ve been holding on to and felt like ranting about, it’s not a rant, but still counts as one since I’m just valuing cheap old classic games. What’s becoming really popular is Indie games that have that old school feel and gameplay with some new twists. Which is always awesome. If you haven’t already, buy the Humble Indie Bundle and Enjoy some games and Music this vacation. I can’t wait to finally relax. And if you can’t afford the Humble Indie Bundle. Play some of your old games lying around, no need to buy new ones. Everyone always regrets selling off their old gaming system.


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