The Hard Way (at the work place)

So as you guys may notice today I’m going for a personal record. 3 blog posts in one day. The reason for this is because at work I have to study a lot of new stuff we are working on, and to take breaks, I’m writing. This will be my last for today.

I learn things the hard way. At the workplace.

Keep note that these are in no particular order, but rather, as I come to learn them.

1) Don’t use use the word “magically” when explaining why something doesn’t work.

2) It’s better to be make a mistake by being slow and cautious than by being quick and rushed.

3) Just pretend you don’t know anything, unless you should already know.

4) Don’t talk while eating.

5) Don’t brag about your past accomplishments.

6) Don’t mumble, or speak with an accent, it annoys people.

7) Don’t say maybe or I don’t know all the time.

8) Bosses or managers like making you feel insignificant, think nothing of it.

9) Your Boss will try to scare you, but don’t take any of his threats seriously, unless they’re threats to fire you, then yes, be scared.

10) CPUs can be Hot-swappable and do not always break. Though they are not supposed to be like that.

11) Turns out mobile motherboards CAN be powered through the PS/2 keyboard port. (That’s where you plug in the old style keyboards and mice)

12) Don’t slack off when listening to heavy music on your headphones. Make sure you are working.

13) Old minty gum will make your head hurt real bad. Don’t chew anything older than 2 years.

Some of you may notice that this is in little way related to Tech stuff, due to the fact that I’ve been to busy to learn about any new tech or software that’s come out. That’s what happens when you get a job, you get occupied all the time, but I’ve had time to learn other things, so I’ll share what life lessons I’ve learned so far, the hard way. Thanks for reading everyone, I appreciate it! By the way, it’s Friday, get off the computer and do something! I wish I could.

PS, this also breaks my record of two posts within 20 minutes! WOOOT Yeah I know the writing quality has gotten worse but mehh, I have something good coming up. A blog post about music and it’s sound quality, I’m trying to rack up some good sound file comparisons and real statistics to prove some misconceptions about audio and music. Will be in two parts. OK Later!


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