I call Sheenanigins on Hotmail!

Yeah short post! So most poeple don’t care about looks, but as a guys who sometimes works on websites and does some rookie HTLM web pages. I like it when webpages look their best on all Web browsers. Apparently Microsoft doesn’t care about “other browsers” Let’s take a look see.


Now some of you may not notice the difference or just simply don’t care. But professionalism counts everywhere. And maybe I’m not an MS fanboy who uses Internet Explorer for everything, and maybe I like my Hotmail organized, and maybe I can’t spell Buisiness and Recipts properly! But gosh darn it Microsoft Hotmail team, look decent! OK that’s my rant for today. Believe it or not, I am writing up posts, they are just not finished yet, not like anyone really looks forward to them anyways.

And remember, don’t start sentences with AND twice in the same post, and (I’m wearing it out) when making or building something, give it your 100%.


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But can you show me the source code?

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