IBM Model M Keyboard 42H1292

IBM Model M Keyboard 42H1292

Yes we were both too lazy to fully read or memorize that number and I just copied and pasted it there. But I know what I’m talking about. It’s about this loud and clicky brand new keyboard I just bought! Ok so it’s not new and maybe it’s older than my brother, but it sure is loud and clicky! And ugly, but that’s a feature! Let me explain.

With a picture!

My workspace

Ohh yeah, look at those monsters. This version I bought, I feel is the lower end of the Model M keyboard since I only paid a few dollars for it. And even though it was technically pretty cheap for the condition it’s in. It feels soo nice. I let one of my friends try it out and he really seemed to like it better than my DAS Keyboard. Maybe it’s because we’re both poor I don’t know. But let me get to the point about this keyboard.

The Good.
It’s loud: This is good in the way that you know when you hit the keys.
Clicky Feel: Oh man, even the clickiest rubber dome keyboard out there does not compare. This thing feels solid and like it could take a pounding!
The Key: Nice keys, this Model has caps, which means you don’t have to remove the entire key to clean it, also make it easier to replace, if you want still find someone who sell key caps.
It’s Ugly: Yes, this right here, prevents most people from stealing your Model M keyboard, plus the fact that’s it’s pretty heavy and impossible to shove into your pants and walk out of the room casually without anyone noticing.

This never happens

This never happens

The Bad.
Pretty much everything I mentioned in the good section, also has a dark side.
It’s kind of loud in a quiet environment, meaning, please do not type in quiet office. I find this feature to be alright in the Laboratory where I work and have used it for the past few days. No one seems to mind, maybe cause they already got used to my DAS Keyboard. But that’s not the point, the point is, this thing can get loud.
Ghosting: If I press a couple keys at the same time, it will not register them all. Bummer, and even though it’s a PS/2 keyboard, let’s face it, this keyboard was not made with PC gaming in mind, well at least the kind of games people play nowadays.
I feel more resistance to press the keys compared the DAS, of course there is the quality and price and type of mechanism that makes the difference, but it’s a whole lot better than a cheap rubber dome any day! In the end, DAS Keyboard still provides better typing.
This keyboard makes more of a muted typing sound, like, tap dancing shoes with a silencer to try and making them quiet, whatever that sounds like, ohh wait, I can show you, here’s a sound file of my keyboard in action as I type this post.

IBM Model M

Yeah, don’t think I’m exaggerating or putting the mike too close to the keyboard to make it seem like it’s really that loud, because it is, you really don’t get to hear it to it’s fullest there, especially since there are a lot of server fans here but, maybe you caught the ringing springy feel, and in case you are actually wondering, no I was not faking it and I really type that fast, only problem with me is that I can’t “touch type” yet, so when I make a mistake I have to look at the screen and backspace a couple times, making me really slow when I’m not careful.

Anyways. There are some things to be said about this keyboard that cannot be said about others. Like this one does not have a Windows Key or a right click key, whatever that’s called, those I have gotten used to and kind of miss them. Also it’s takes up quite a bit of space, but not an issue for the prepared.

Buying the thing online is another thing I should mention. I got it from an Ebay Seller who specializes in old and rare keyboards. But man! Heavy things means heavy shipping charges. When I told my parents, “Yeah it only cost 30$, (under my breath)plus 20$ shipping.” I could see the look in their eyes saying, “I would pay 10$ to throw this out!” But they always respect my decisions. No matter how ridiculous they may seem. My mom barely believes I can type at 60WPM.

But that’s the good thing about mechanical keyboards, they are fun to use, urge you to work faster and harder, and can take a hit like a man, or a woman or whatever gender your keyboard is.


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