Picassa 3.9 for Linux Users

Just if you thought about it. Installing Picassa on Linux is a breeze. So long as you use Wine. (Windows Iz Not En-here!) Actually it stands for (Wine is not-an Emulator) But I like the first one better, sounds like how my people would say it.

But you would be surprised to find that if you try to download Picassa from Google picassa.google.com on a Linux Machine you will get this error with no option to download Picassa.

What to do? Sure they have Google Photos that you can upload your picts to the cloud and work on them from there like editing and storing pictures, but that’s not what I needed.

Facial Recognition is something that is now available to the masses and works exceptionally well in Google’s Picassa Program. Unfortunately the latest version is only available on Windows. Maybe it’s on Mac, but I haven’t tested that yet. The point is, I could not easily download it from the site. Good thing I always keep a virtual machine handy! Or you could just do this.

Internet Explorer under Wine! Yes I could have used a Real Windows computer and downloaded it there and transfered over USB. But Who still uses those anyways?

Sooo downloading now! After using PlayOnLinux to install Picassa in it’s own little Bottle. Oh don’t be fooled by it’s name. PlayOnLinux is an easy to use Wine Rack that allows you to easily control your Windows Programs. And using the Latest Wine Build 1.4. Picassa installed smooth as it could get.

Why did I need Picassa so bad that I was willing to poison my Linux machine with Windows binaries? I needed that Facial recognition feature! See there was this brother who died in our hall. And we needed some pictures. We have about 26,000 digital pictures stored on that server. And somewhere in there are about 7 pictures that we had of that guy. My mom knew they where there, just not were, and I don’t expect any human to know. But Google’s facial recognition took only 3 hours to sift through the images and found them all. So it worked and I was happy.

In the end only issue I encountered was trying to “import a folder”, causing Picassa to crash.  I also ran into some issues when trying to find a picture on my hard drive, it brings up the WINE “Explorer” and let’s just say, it’s not the funnest experience navigating through there. So Picassa in Wine for Linux works as well as I expected. It’s not pretty, or maybe efficient, but rest assured, it will get the job done. Thanks Google for not relying too much on Windows dependencies to get things working!


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But can you show me the source code?

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