Two New Intel’s Phones! (Sneak Peek)

You heard it here folks! Get first peek at Intel’s new future phones. 2 Completely different designs with detailed schematics and everything straight from an employees notepad! When are these are coming out? No one knows for sure, but our best bet would be sometime in 2014.

Most people assume that the way of the future is touchscreens. But Intel future-oligists predict that people will one day end up like this.

And current screen technology will be too bulky for the future generation, so in order to prepare for the inevitable, they are designing the new push button phones and rotary dials in order to get that classic feel of “dialing” a telephone number.

First up on our sheet is the 300 Series Rotary Dial Portable Telephone by Intel. Running on a Single Core Intel Atom Processor, this telephone comes with excessively large high-quality speaker / microphone combo for lossless speech telecommunication between any two phones. The dial on the left is for volume and can be loud enough to have speak-phone capabilities, and the convenient on/off switch is pretty obvious. The entire phone is mechanical and made of the highest quality bronze. Not only is this phone water proof, but the design allows user-battery replacements and easy open access in the back with a precision generic Philips screwdriver. But it’s very likely you won’t have to do that, since this phone is planned to hold a 30 day, standby time and 1.5 days non-stop usage! Chances are that if the person you’re talking to isn’t on an Intel phone, it’s you who will have the last word! Bwahaha!

According to the notes, this phone is priced to be 150$ and sold with a 10 year warranty. Everyone knows we can trust Intel will quality products that last for years. So for those of you who still haven’t caught onto the cell-phone craze (Roughly 9 percent of the US population). This phone was made for you!

And now for those of us on a budget, and really fat fingers, comes the DieNaTech.

With the system on a chip like it’s cousin 300 series phone, this cell has a dual row 10 digit LCD display in a clear green font. Designed to be as budget friendly without sacrificing quality, this phone will make calls like no other. Push buttons rated for millions of presses, battery life of at least 20 days standby time, all day on the phone will make this the most useful device in your life. Trying to store phone numbers? What’s that brain for? Let’s us that thing! Texting? That’s for children, real grown ups actually talk to each other.

Nothing says,” I’m a serious Businessman/woman like DieNaTech.”

But how much would you expect to pay for a phone like this? $3,995? Of course not! $39.95 is the estimated price for a quality build of plastic and some metal in there, put together in a snazzy portable phone like this. Intel sure knows what we want.

But for 10$ more it can come with a built-in MP3 option, allowing the Intel DieNaTech phone to be used as a portable music player! It will come with an easy to access SD card slot, an upgrade that gives you the banging-est Ghetto-blaster ever made in a small compact size. It’s 2.5 Watts speakers will be enough to give 5 hours of music playback while riding your bike like a boss.

And will these run Linux? But of course!

Evidence leads to yes.

(Note to all readers. This article is obviously a spoof. Intel will never make phones like these because according to most of the public, everyone wants screens and multifunctional phones, even though they never use all it’s functions. I still don’t own a cell phone, (with service) but if i ever do want one, I’d like it to be one of these. So if you also long for these designs to be a reality, contact your nearest engineer and let’s see if we can make this happen! You are welcome to steal my ideas and designs shown on this page as long as you give me one of these cell phones. Thanks!)

Pen Cell Phone. Minus the pen.

Why DO I design phones if I don’t use them?


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  1. Correction on the 0.01% of the non-cell phone owning population…Only about one in 11 (9%) adults do not own a cell phone. Also here’s more information on what people want or use in a phone.

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