How to Make a Youtube Video.

A long time ago, my friend emailed me about an idea for making a short YouTube video. I liked the plan and wrote up a few skits, we then called our close friends and made 3 short films and a blooper reel, all filmed and released on the same day.


Hobo Film

Disappearing Man


It was a lot of work, but we learned a lot of things about making a YouTube video. That it is very hard work. After that, we formed our unofficial film crew.

You see a lot of people on YouTube making these lame videos and we think everyone should know how we do it. Many people beleive you need lots of good cameras, film editors and the video needs to be very popular to be successful.  But all you need is to follow these easy steps.

Yesterday one of my friends asked me to help her make a How-To video. But the real issue was she did not know how to make one. So I was like, why don’t I show you how?

All great films begin with an idea. It doesn’t matter if you made it up while dreaming, stole the idea from a book/real movie/YouTube clip/anything. What matters is that you have an idea. I cannot stress the importance of that because without it, you will be doomed to a terrible video with no imagination.

So let’s say you kind of know what you want to film about, now imagine you are filming the movie already, imagine the equipment you have access to and the actors acting out their roles, the props you will use, see the movie in your mind that you want to make before you even do anything.

Be realistic, if you imagined yourself with a Kodak Point and Shoot Camera filming your friends at the park in the middle of the day running away from a serial killer that looks like your dad in a monkey suit that your mom bought for a costume party in the 80’s then yes, I think you’re on the right track. But if all you imagined was a random scary scene from a movie you saw, then you need to work on you creativity.  See, you can’t always replicate things that other people make, when you do that, you set the bar to a high or you limit yourself to what they can do. You may grab inspiration from them, but please set some barriers. Imagination is something that is being lost nowadays so please keep it alive.

Now that you’ve written everything down. (You did write a script didn’t you?) Oh come now, if you can’t write one, grab someone to help you and write it with them. When you collaborate, the ideas fly. Have the characters, their specific lines, the scenes and props all accounted for. Writing is the second fun-est part of making of a movie so enjoy it. Using someone else’s prewritten script will not work, they do not know your limitations. But I suppose you can modify a prewritten script, though I’ve never tried it.

Do you have friends who are willing to act for free and do as you say while you scream at them like a film director Nazi? Then you should make a few calls. Close friends work well, even if they’re not good actors, they just need…. disposition, whatever that means. Find people who are not shy on-camera.

Now that you’ve got your friends/unpaid-actors, it’s always wise to rehearse a scene before filming, so you don’t have a bunch of bloopers and bad scenes, and though those can be good to use sometimes, let’s remain professional here and not waste film, or SD card data, because it winds down to a lot of editing work if you do that.

Filming the scenes are very fun indeed, this can either be very easy if you have experienced actors, or very hard if they are new at this. The only thing I would recommend is have lots of patience, sometimes you will need a second day to shoot things again and maybe you might have to rewrite a few things on the spot, but hey! Have fun if it’s not for a serious thing like money. And if it is, then why are you trying to have fun? Get to work.

When all the shooting is done, time to save all the film data in a safe location. I usually make a depository where I keep all the unedited footage in a location, I then make a copy of that and work on the copy. For if all else fails, you can at least start over.

Use whatever video editor you are familiar with. It is best to work with the tools you already know how to use because if you grab the latest Adobe Movie Maker or whatever but can’t use it, then it’s no good to you. My personal choice is OpenShot(Link) It’s a Linux only program, and not perfect, but it’s simple and get’s the job done well enough for me, especially when I can just run it off a Live USB and not mess with my dad’s OS. So use what you have, if you don’t know how to use one, then I suggest you learn by playing around with one. Ever since Windows XP, you can grab a free Movie Maker program, made especially for Windows Users.

Once you finish cutting up some scenes, you may realize that you need music or sound effects. That you can find online, it’s easy to add in, but one tip I recommend is not using any copyrighted material as it can lead to YouTube blocking your video from being shown in other countries. And those poor folk in Germany and the USA will never see your video, boo hoo.

So that’s it, enjoy this Video How-To we made on how to make a movie.

How to Make a Movie


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