When Windows Died (Story)

By Zerin Sakech, 2010

(Note.) Short Story I wrote while I was still in School. Keep in mind this was before Windows 8 came out or even announced.


This is the sad but true story about when Microsoft Windows died. Yes, it happened, but not in this dimension. We’ll journey into a new dimension, one of sight and sound and computer, look there’s the sign post up ahead we’ve entered, The Twilight Zone. beedoo beedoo beedoo beedoo.

The year is 2012, the world is still spinning, and it’s soon to be the end, not for humans mind you, but for the greatest home desktop operating system. Windows XP. Windows 8 had just been released, a minor improvement overit’s predecessor Windows 7. And though all this seems all too common for the masses, the real trouble ensues in the Microsoft test labs.

“Sir, this vulnerability has to be fixed, if we don’t do it now it might be too late.”

“Nonsense, it can wait until the second Tuesday of next month. Besides you haven’t even completely finished tested it, your patch is not ready.”

“But sir, if someone find out, they could issue a fake update for all (Windows 7 kernel based OS’s) and cause great damage, this not only affects the users, but servers and technically almost any windows system!”

“No need to exaggerate or escalate, I’ll bring it up with management and they’ll see about it.”

Now you can imagine how dangerous this information would be in the wrong hands, especially hacker hands, even this small portion, that was just coincidentally captured on a small device, would change the world forever.

Mickey! You’re gonna never believe it! Guess what I just heard?!”

She said yes?!!!”

No not that, Redmond just found a major flaw in their updates system.”

No way, that’s tightly secured and they’re not going to let that slip up”

True Mickey I swear. It ain’t being fixed ‘till next month, now’s our chance.”

OK I’ll bite. Let’s see what you’ve got”

Hours later of serious coding, the two coders finish the ultimate virus, it’s been in development for a while now, but finally it’s going to be put to use.

I never thought we’d actually get to use this old piece of code, remember the laughs this thing pulled at school?”

Yeah, force update all the XP machines and have them install Ubuntu when they reboot was awsome! And the XP theme totally threw them off for days!”

I can’t believe it’ll work in the real world though, think it’ll get caught?”

Yes, let’s just hope we don’t”

OK go back and plant this, once you do that run, ok run. Get out and get back here. You understand?”

I’m right here! You don’t have to talk like this. But yeah, I got it. L8R.”

He leaves and does the job when it happens. The virus is released. Here’s what happened.

All computers running any Windows version were set to format themselves on reboot. Then perform a Gutman pass on the drives themselves repeatedly until the drive no longer functioned. Plugging it to another machine would simply spread the virus. The problem was noticed the very next day.

And in other news, many PC users having some difficulties with their systems, with only a “operating system not found” Error, we have no clue as to what could be causing this to happen to our computers.”

A week later the whole world goes crazy as they can’t access Facebook, they work on their handwriting as they can’t type anything. Fortune 500 Companies dust off their typewriters and reinstall their servers. But a realization that MAC OS and Linux PCs were not affected, things start to calm down as most people resort to Mac technologies to get on with their lives. However, like most people, Steve jobs took advantage of the situation and rose the prices, blaming it on production costs, most people didn’t care.

But there was another group of people that once used to be the 1% rose up to 10%, they were the Linux Users, LUsers for short. Offering a free alternative to MAC OS, even installing it on most machines for free, Ubuntu for the desktop Debian and red Hat for the server. And a huge variety of software was still freely available unaffected by the last Windows virus. And even though you could install Windows again, once you rebooted Windows, it would format all over again when connected to the internet.

So within a short time, Windows was reduced to desktops without internet access. 100% of the world’s servers ran Linux. Arm laptops came out and tablets were all the rage. Mac OS was the default OS to buy, but if you were poor like most people. Debian based distros were available on most pc’s.

Developers at Microsoft tried to fix the virus, but once they found a fix, it was too late and Microsoft was reduced to cut their OS and focus on Office for Mac and Linux.

Eventually Microsoft found a good niche in cheap computer components and accessories. Their Office Suite rival LibreOffice and eventually adopted and open standard. That people actually used. And the Software wars had ended.

So did this story, don’t you just love a happy Ending?

The lesson, don’t let yourself be dominated by one company, because one day, it may go down and take you with it.


Short story. I was bored and thought this would be funny if it happened in real life. 


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