WinDirStat: Windows Directory Statistics.

In this age of information and technology, it’s possible to have access to a virtually unlimited amount of gigabytes of data available for the home consumer. Does anyone still worry about data storage limitations? Well some of us don’t, but one day the time may come when we have to make a choice, upgrade or compromise  In fact, we still have small electronic devices and laptops that suffer from limited data storage space. Cellphones, Ultra-thin laptops, and old computers may not have the space you need to store your stuff or even function normally without having to delete things every now and then.

So when the time comes to choose that you have to sacrifice some of your data, how do you know what to delete, do you instantly know what’s taking the most amount of space? Is it your Pictures? Pirated Movies? Video Games? Everyone has different methods of dealing with old useless data. I’ve mentioned CCleaner and other cleaner utilities that remove junk data from your system. But that’s not enough. When it comes down to actually removing things like music files and movies, how do you know right off the bat what is taking the most amount of space? Use a program, now installing WinDirStat only takes about 1MB of space and it’s very worth it. It’s not one of those tools that you simply run and magically seems to give you more space. No, it tells you what data you have on your drive and how much it costs to keep.

WinDirStat Example







As you can see, by clicking on the picture, you notice that I have some stuff on my drive. The colorful blocks below are categorized by type of file and how much space that type of file takes up. here’s an example of my external drive.


Blue are my FLAC Music Files. Red is MP3, Green is WAVE Files and pupple is OGG. As you can see most of my music is FLAC and it takes quite a bit of space.


When customers bring me their computers, I sometimes get a request to clean their computer. I don’t know what people have on their hard drive, I don’t know where they store their family pictures or music but with this tools I can see what is taking the most amount of space without having to look at their data. Privacy,

This may surprise most people, but there is a tool known as KDirStat that was made for the Linux System running the KDE GUI, This was was found so useful that a Windows version was made. So plus one for open Source! You Windows users should be grateful. Also a Mac version of this tool has been made, the problem is I haven’t tested it on my Mac yet. cause it’s still on a shelf, literally. So test at your own risk here is the link.

Tools like these are literally tools that don’t make life super easy, but teach us enough to know what to do. I hope you all enjoyed this post and are able to manage your disk space appropriately in the future, so stop calling me to clean your computer!


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  1. The treemap is too confusing
    I prefer the simple interface of Directory Report
    It is faster than WinDirStat

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