Windows Operating System Review.

This is my review of some Windows operating Systems.

I know most Windows users or humanity in general has a short attention span. So I’ll do a quick run down review of the Windows Operating Systems I’ve used for more than a month at a time.


MS DOS: I remember it worked but just barely, I used it at school when I was in Elementary until we upgraded to Windows 98, yeah that’s sad isn’t it? But that was my first experience with computers and I really didn’t know what they were. So I’m going to put it under good, because I don’t remember anything bad from these machines. Except for the fact that they were not networked and I remember wishing I could access what I saved on one computer from another. Dream on kid. Dream on.

Windows 95, it was good and fast, I learned a lot about computers with this one. the box over heated a lot, but never one BSOD that I recall, it wasn’t until Windows XP I knew what that upgrading truly meant. Buying a new computer since Windows 95 needed very little RAM and CPU to do anything. This was also where I learned how to MSPaint and use Disk Compression properly

Fun, my brother’s computer had this OS for a while, not very different from 95 in many ways and it played a lot of old games with great hardware support.

I’ve used Windows 2000, I bought a PC that came with this. Enjoyable experience.

I’ve used Windows XP, it was one of the best. It deserves an award of some kind. There were too many viruses written for this OS, but that’s to be expected from the most popular Windows OS ever made for the public.

I’ve used Windows 7, This one almost kept me from going to Linux  Not enough though since it still had the same hardware requirements as Windows Vista, but with more speed and functionality, oh and you could easily turn off UAC but I’m forced to use it at work and it’s OK considering the things we do to computers here in the LAB.

The BAD . Here’s where it get’s fun.

Windows ME, (Millenium) it was super bad you could not upgrade from or to any OS with this one, a complete PC wipe was needed. (one Month) I fixed a computer that came with ME, I was not able to sell this computer, I literally had to throw it out, it was that bad. Oh you can just install another OS right? Wrong! Some computers had the BIOS screwed with so you could not install higher than ME, those machines are super rare though. I also fixed a computer with ME for a customer, a terrible haunting experience because, no joke. Windows ME crashed for no reason, seriously, you are installing Windows ME, crash, you’re opening up internet explorer, CRASH. Tell me you didn’t see that coming?

Windows Vista, it was bad too, The x64 version was tolerable if you had a fast machine, any 32bit vista was excruciatingly slow. You needed at least a dualcore and more than 4GB to run on Vista to do anything.

I’ve used Windows 7 Starter Edition, was junk blank and empty, it made Puppy Linux look like very very full and feature rich since Windows 7 starter couldn’t do anything. I know propose we call it, Windows Cripple Edition.

Windows 8, it felt like I was being held hostage, and not in a good way. Classic Shell made it much more tolerable because I am forced to use it at work. It makes me Love Linux distros only more.

Windows 8 Graphics crash failure

And that’s my review of Windows throughout the ages. Anyone who disagrees with me is probably a Windows Fanboy of a Linux Zealot  Either way as long as you enjoy computers it’s a good operating system.



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  1. I tried windows 8 and can nog get used to it. The interface is crap, in facebook chat app looking in 1600×900 its uggly big and you can nog do anything else and for the people that say windows 8 is booting faster i have a Asus K73SVTY081 with corei7 and NVIDIA GT540M and SSD and is booting like crazy! I went back to windows 7 and i am so happy is wondered why on earth did i buy W8 i must have been out of my mind. I allso installed windows 7 on a brand new laptop ASUS R700V , Core i7, NVIDIA GGT635M and it feels and looks nice. Allso tried office 2013 the same boring interface but i can live with that but not with the tiles in METRO it is counter productive, i use tiles in my bathroom ! MS is making a huge mistake if they do not offer the possibility to choose wether you want the start button or Metro, if you dont’s have a touchscreen it is of no use. Allso you can not use more then 1 app at the time, bit the current tiles clicking generation do not understand this anyway they want to stop thinking and just use apps. For as a die hard windows user it is a big dissapointment and a insult to professional pc users. i will really look into Linux now, i looked and al the hardware that i currently have are linux drivers for so i will dual boot it and see wether a switch is the solution for me. But windows 7 rocks.

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