OpenShot Video Editor for all!

When I ask common folk, “What do you edit your home video with or what methodology you have when you show the family vacation clips or home made films with?” I find it to be very sad when little to no thought is put into the editing process. It’s one of the most important and noticeable thing, besides what you’re actually filming, that people observe. Whether they realize it or not.

You may think that people are looking at the content of your videos, but if it’s not put together in a form that’s pleasing to the eye or flows with what you’re trying to convey, you will end up with something that’s not going to be watched.

The act of putting a set of videos in a logical order so it tells a story will plays a huge part, especially in movies and popular films and no one underestimates this, so why do we avoid doing this for any home videos we show to our families? Or home made short movies we upload to youtube? Because it’s hard.

I’m not going to lie to you, editing videos is not easy and pleasant considering you have to get past 2 major hurdles.

1: Getting a video editor.

There was a time when you could go to the Local Best buy and purchase a cd packed with a decent video editor. But now thanks to the internet, you could buy one online or steal one from a torrent website. Despite the illegal situation, how else are you going to get that Adobe SUITE? Paying for it? Ha.

Even if you find a decent free version like windows Movie maker and a demo trial of something you still need to get past hurdle #2

2. Learning how to use your video editor.

Let’s assume you are using the best photo suite used by Hollywood  It’s not going to be easy to use. The GUI, General User Interface provided by the suite will be packed with features you probably didn’t know existed and even doing simple things require you to go through a huge tutorial. No good for Joe Smoe.

So what should Joe Smoe use, without getting into software piracy?

Short  story.

When me and my friends got together one day, we decided to get a camera and make some short movies. I ran on Linux based computers so OpenShot was an obvious choice editing considering Pitvi didn’t like all the video formats and everything was pretty much unusable. So I was glad to be able to put things like this together with OpenShot.

Not bad for an amateur, ehh? I’ve also been able to put together a few more video on my Channel and most of them have been done on OpenShot.

But wait? You’re on Linux so that’s not fair. I run on Windows and / or Macintosh Operating systems. I can’t enjoy OpenShot.

Ahh but you can! One day, the developer of this program plans to improve upon it’s current issue and continue development for the Windows and Mac OS as well as Linux. So everyone can have the power to edit videos and enjoy a decent video editor.

But he needs our help, mostly, he needs our money to keep working on this project. And if you donate at least a dollar (preferably more), to his KickStarter it will help our cause to make easy video editing freely available to all.

If you are someone who wants to edit videos, try out the current version available and just see for yourself.


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