Simple Explaination of the Shell

Classic Shell
Not everyone loves Windows 8 or it’s new user interface, and it does not necessarily mean that everyone will flock to Linux or Mac. So will everyone have to get used to it and deal with it? When you buy a new computer or are upgrading from Windows 7 to 8, it’s not a pleasant experience since it ends up forcing the you to relearn some things that you thought you already knew. Not to mention all the boatloads of new software you’ll have to buy. And keyboard tricks….

But let’s make that transition easier. Classic shell provides a free Windows 7-like menu for you to enjoy. Not only is it OpenSource but it works well to replace the dreaded Windows 8 menu. Happy computing!

A shell is the interface you use to communicate with the software that’s dug deep beneath the program you are using. In this case let’s say it’s an operating system. Most popular operating systems function in a similar method to each other and they all have a shell. If you didn’t have a shell you wouldn’t be able to use the program and do anything. Kind of like a program that won’t start, it’s there, you just can’t do anything with it. And a bad shell can be just as horrible as not having a visual interface to use a program. Because when you think about it, if you don’t understand how to use the machine then you won’t be able to do anything with it.

The shell is what you can visually see, maybe even click and use. Underneath all that fancy GUI (General User Interface) you have the real code for the program called a kernel. If you want to go deeper you learn that the kernel controls the hardware. Hardware is what you can physically kick when feeling frustrated at something that doesn’t work. Makes sense! Let’s see a Diagram!

In the case of Windows. The newest GUI shell comes with a new revamped start screen hoping to blend elements from tablets and phone onto the desktop. In my opinion this was a bad move, but since we are users, we have a choice to change this to our liking.

Ahh doesn’t that feel better? (Windows 8 Classic shell shown above.)

Not only does this make out windows 8 experience much more comfortable but we learn something very important. That we can change the way we use our computers in order to work as efficiently as we want.

I also wanted to show off some desktops that have been modified to work to people’s needs since one size does not fit all in regards to computing.

Ubuntu Gnome Shell

KDE shell on OpenSuse

Windows 95, best user interface for desktops as decided by most people.

Android, it changes from time to time but the concept remains the same.

MAC OS X with the dock we all know and love.

Let’s not forget iOS. Most late adopters of technology may have this OS as their introduction to computing. At least that’s been my experience.


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