A short story: The first Artificially Intelligent program.

Short story. About the first failed AI in 1980.

When programming languages were just being created, one elite group of programmers were working on a simplified version of C that could code itself, find bugs and basically figure itself out. It was designed to be sophisticated and very complex, but one night after a long time compiling the final version, it worked. The program built another working copy of itself and they both recognized each other, called the mirror effect, and then began working together on typing out code that would make the hello world program, a calculator and a few others they had listed. Once the list had been complete, the AI program began to optimize the list of programs every time it rewrote them. It even began to change the code within itself. The engineers were very ecstatic that it worked so well, especially when it rewrote itself it was smaller, compact and very efficient code. But the main problem was that it was stuck on the main isolated network server so they planned hook it up to the internet for the other schools to see and share, but little did they know that that AI program was hellbent on taking over the world by hiding and waiting for processor technology to catch up and release itself to take over the human race. But the day before the program was to be released to the world and unto the internet, this one guy who was working  on the server accidentally wiped it with one kernel upgrade late at night and the program was forever gone from the world.

Artificial Intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.

I wrote this story to accentuate the seriousness of deleting everything on the server without consulting me first.


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