Leopold FC 660C 66 Key Electrostatic Capacitive Mini Keyboard

This is a quick review on a keyboard someone let me borrow for a full week.

Using the Topre keys. Rubber dome with springs under them. This keyboard feels like the best rubber dome keyboard I’ve ever tried. If I actually had one of these before I had my Blue Switches I would have been perfectly happy. But Blue switches are the best in my opinion. Besides that I promised myself I would not compare this keyboard to my Das. But I still do…

I’ve had the pleasure of borrowing on these babies.


But despite showing the one with the letters on the keys, this guy custom replaced them with blanks. Blanks look like this.

So despite it’s cute image, this thing is a little monster that can be a pain to use if not trained properly. It takes a while to love, like a rancor in Jabba’s Dungeon.

2nd Day

I’m sort of getting used to it. But it doesn’t feel right to remember to use an FN key for the F2 buttons and it’s gonna get some more time to get used to especially for my work.

3rd Day

I gave it back, I didn’t like it that much and apparently he didn’t either since he offered to sell it to me for $100, but I don’t like it that much so nothing happened.


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But can you show me the source code?

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  1. Hmm is your friend still interested in selling the keyboard? Cause i might be interested to get it for $100. Thank you.

    • He sold it. Sorry, that was a good deal and one like that goes fast. Also I wrote this review a while ago (3 months?) and didn’t publish it until recently.

  2. Haha no problem. I actually have a mx blue keyboard as well and i was looking forward to trying some topre keyswitches. May i know why is it that you would prefer mx blue keyswitches over them? Is it the way the switches feel?

    • The blue switches have more of a controlled real button feel compared to the flat/fast feel of the topre. Topres bounce back quick and reminded me too much of the rubberdome keys I came to stray away from. But it wasn’t only the feel of the keys that made me not like that “specific” keyboard i tried, but the blank keys with no chart since touch typing on a “66key” keyboard require re-learning FN keys and other commonly used shortcuts already ingrained in my memory from full sized keyboard.

  3. Oh man. Thanks for the prompt and great reply. I guess i’ll have to look into model m instead then.

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