Ode to the Debian User

A true Debian user will not care what desktop he chooses,
The hardware he has or the monitor he uses
The system will never get in my way
It is something every person should be able say
It’s clear that the widgets, bars and nonsense
make us hate the desktop when it is a mess

The Linux kernel can be anything you like.
So pick and choose, there is no strike.
Does it work, does it run, does it work with your printer?
Investigate, look in forums, someone did it last winter.
We don’t use all the features. Or the latest software.
As long as it works, it’s out of our hair.
We are the users who despise automatic updates
We enjoy doing it manually, we’re never that late.

The terminal can be whatever,
and it’s never frustrating to use,
Debian Linux, is a dream come true.

But then comes reality,
when things fall apart
you’ve tried something new
that wasn’t so smart
You’ve broke the Debian
and now it’s been shart
You’ve come to decide.
A fresh install I will start.


About Zerin

But can you show me the source code?

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  1. LMAO that’s awesome !!! very nice work. keep it up

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