The name’s SupraPad…. iView SupraPad…….. iView SupraPad 1700Qw Windows 8.1 x86 Intel Atom. Edition.

It’s like the Toyota Supra of tablets! Well not really, more like the Ford Fiesta of Fords, but like bad cheap cars, they exist for a reason.

Left one is SupraPad. The right one is My daily Lenovo Miix 8. Same OS.

First things first.

Lightweight cheap plastic $100 or less tablet. I expect it to break in a year  or less for some unforeseen reason. This thing was a classic case of “you get what you paid for”. You asked for a Windows 8.1 x86 Intel Tablet. And that’s what you got. It’s not the beefiest, the nicest, the fastest, the most spacious. But it does the job, and what job is that? Let’s open it up and see.

lets see, cheap headphones, charger, tinny manual, and box

Mess of cables


I dont even care if you see the barcode. Steal it. I dare you

Back View SupraPad


The box it came in was very neatly packed and with a cool sticker with the specs, budged earphones and charger, although according to Windows it’s higher res than the tablet manual and sticker claims. Windows claims 1280×768, tablet secs say 1200×600. But most useless was the manual which is mostly on how to use Windows, since the tablet is very straight forward.

Blocky resolution. I can pretty much count the pixels. On the 7 inch screen.

see the resolution? meh

Just focus on the pixels


Touch panel, it feels like plastic, like it’s flexible and more prone to scratches than tough glass that usually comes with good tablets and phones.

maximum brightnesss!!!!

it doesn’t take good pictures from an angle.


The charging cable is easy to plug in backwards and falls out if you look at it funny. But when I left it all night it only charged to 74% and it stopped. That could be a safety feature for the battery or just a bug. I have to look into it as I like having a full battery when I can.


I accidentally touched it and it jumps in fright like a scared ninny.


After a bit of complaining I can now see how much thought goes into good tablets. It’s the little things that people don’t notice that make them so great. you might think something is a design flaw, but it probably is to hide an even bigger flaw that could have been, but was avoided.

The small size and the round is very nice, but it’s taller than I expected. I think it’s a windows thing. Oh and don’t even get me started on Windows, It’s so small. I had to adjust the overall size to medium and text font to a bigger size to make it usable.

Touchy Touchy!

My finger is touching the screen. Yes the icons can be made bigger. but they can be small too.


Charging this bad boy for a few hours seems to only have reached 75% and that tablet came dead, so I assume the battery is weak. Don’t expect amazing battery life, although the Atoms are very power efficient.

It’s snappy, little lag and the tablet comes with 4.5GB of free space! I’m impressed Windows. No sarcasm, I really am. Only about 10 GB for windows is very forward thinking, although I noticed they cut out OneDrive (Skydrive) and Office365, but it’s best not to install those anyways.

I also noticed my windows 8 recognized and has drivers for my two printers on the network. just like Linux, about time. The SD card slot is slow, 1.4MB a second, but it detects 32GB nicely.


Music. The speaker is nice and louder than my other tablet, not bassy and nice, but it’s loud. It takes a while to load the next song, but it made me realize how nice Windows Media player for Windows 8 has gotten. Not bad.

Well that was pointless.

Anyways… Think of it as your old dell. That old computer you had back then, but now it’s become portable and in your hand. Sure it was slow and only did one thing at a time when you retired it, but when it was new, didn’t you think that computer was the bee’s knees? This little tablet has all the horsepower of that old Dell, but without the bulk both literally and software-wise. Windows 8.1 has been slimmed down to use those resources better than Windows XP loaded with bloatware ever could. That’s one thing that amazes me on these tablets. They don’t come with bloatware, and for good reason, because they would ruin the experience as they’ve learned from the past.

Should I buy this tablet? Nah, spend a little more and get a good one. So why did you buy one? I bought one because I worked in the Firmware Validation department for this tablet. Since it’s inception as a big dualcore motherboard all the way to time consuming workarounds, I know how good the processor and architecture is on this tablet. Just not everything else. Mostly it’s amazing that you can literally replicate your old Windows home Desktop setup in the palm of your hand.

Below are snapshots and video taken with the SupraPad. As expected it kind of sucks.

Video Example




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