Why I choose to run Linux based Operating Systems.

I’m not going to say it’s easier, better in every way and just peaches and cream or whatever else is nice. Working with a Linux Operating system for me is control, efficient and just the right amount of fun. Plus having knowledge that it’s broken due to some fault of my own means I can spend less time fixing someone else’s problem and go straight to fixing my own.

It wasn’t the reliability or the hardware compatibility even though going in I knew it was going to be a lot more work than usual, it was the control, freedom and scale-ability I needed and wanted. Could you imagine using a computer and if you wanted more software features like File sharing. Web server. Remote desktop. Automated tasks. And it’s just “easier” to reinstall to a newer operating system? Ridiculous.

I got into the computer repair business as a young man when I broke my dad’s Windows 95 by trying to delete system files to save space. Yes I know, but I wasn’t even a teen when that happened. But besides that I got to learn the importance of an operating system and it’s use in the computer world. As I learned to install and work with Windows I always assumed that was all there was. Until I saw a magazine for the cheapest computer build running DamnSmallLinux, and it was then that I realized an operating system could be something else besides Windows. After downloading DSL from a public library and trying it out on my personal PC I thought it was limiting and ugly, but Google searches for small Linux distro brought me to puppy Linux. For a while I dual-booted from XP and Puppy on a Saved file in NTFS, not too bad, but once someone from work recommended Ubuntu it wasn’t long until I went Full Linux. WINE helped a bit but after a while I still only need just one program in WINE and thank goodness it’s in the top ten of best compatible programs on there.

What compelled me to try Linux and put effort into this new computing experience? Boredom, curiosity, and when things get to the point where you simply have to uninstall and reinstall it again to get something to work you realize that this is not something I’d want to me be doing in my free time. Seriously, who in their right mind thinks it’s normal for a system to have “Unknown” fixes that just work without any real logic at all. Also known as Windows Logic. This is not the way it’s mean to be. Sure I’m employed by Intel and Microsoft but that doesn’t mean I have to take my work home with me. I wanted coherence in my operating system.

Plus the fact that it was free was also nice. I also felt freedom like drinking free beer any time, any where and any place and if something happens to you for drinking irresponsibly, it’s your own fault… Blame no one but you. That’s the Linux feeling of freedom I got. And I liked it. Most people wouldn’t, because they need hand holding.

Converting to Linux
Honestly I think it’s easier to change religions than to change your operating system. Try giving away Linux distributions, sure that’s easy, but people are still stuck on Windows and Mac for the time being and only when THEY WANT TO will they try something else. Like most things, Linux is not for everyone, ask your doctor if Linux is right for you. Haha kidding aside make them get it on their own. Linux has it’s own wall and it’s there for a reason, if people aren’t willing to climb it, they won’t continue using Linux after the first hiccup or bump in the road while using that system. They will simply want to do things the Microsoft way. Although recommendations, tips and suggestions are nice to give, they have to work for it. Otherwise they’ll never learn, teach them to fish, don’t hand them a rod with the bait already hooked and holding their hand while they run Linux. you’re not a free Linux spokesperson maintenance guru guide.

All things said, don’t be a jerk. I’ve known too many that when I ask if they can help me with a Network server issue who tell me I should learn it on myself when I’ve been doing that for the past few days and they don’t realize that talking to them is a LAST resort. But screw those LinuxDiehards and their superior attitude… pompous jerks.

In the end you don’t meet many of those Hardcore Linux users with bad attitudes anymore, even Microsoft is changing their tune as they still support Skype and Minecraft on Linux to a certain extent. It’s a good kernel for a good operating system, just pick a GUI, and run it however you please. As Mel Gibson once said in a film. “FREEEEEEDOM!!!”


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