My Dirty Little List of Favorite Windows Software

I don’t usually like or even use Microsoft products, but when I do, I make sure it’s ones that have passed the test of time. Here’s a quick list of my favorite Microsoft Software throughout the years.

I shall begin with Windows Movie Maker. The early version of Windows Movie Maker (WMM 2.1 was included in Windows XP SP2 and SP3) was very limited in video formats but had a nice clean timeline for editing.


The newer version found in the Windows Live Essentials Package  will trade that handy timeline feature and replace with with clunky blocks  for a bit more codec compatibility. It’s ease of use and readability is something that Linux has yet to do since every time I use OpenShot and PitVi everything crashed after editing a 20 minute long video. But not the latest Windows Movie Maker, they have a really great piece here and the fact that it’s not included in every copy of Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or even 10 baffles me.


The newest one available today finally fixed all the GUI problems of the past one and really functions with a variety of video file types that it’s one of my favorite on a Windows System. Despite the awkward installation of downloading a suite of junk in order to get the one you really want which should have been installed by default in the first place.

No Just this one!

No Just this one!

Microsoft Paint

My goodness, ever since Windows 95 has this program not drastically changed, even until Windows 7 did they decide it was time to add more features that where really “kinda” needed and nice to have. Despite it’s glaring “bug / feature” which extends the range of click zone of a selection far beyond the actual zone, (Explained here) the newest Paint is something of a genius ghetto do-it-all tool that helps with drafts, quick edits and even comics. If only they realized that not all their users are inaccurate wielding mouse users.



I was really temped to include Microsoft Word or even Wordpad but no tool has been used more throughout the years than Notepad, the simple, never buggy software tool which always works. I’m amazed they even built such a piece without anything of an advanced feature. They must have recognized the need to have a completely simple uncomplicated tool that began in 1985 Windows 1.0 and exists almost with the same idea and principal today. . Programmers, writers. note takers, everyone can use this told without it bogging down in resources and trust me, when you need to open that 100MB file, just know that in a minute or two Notepad WILL open it, eventually…  Yes there are much better tools like NotePad++ even Notepad2 but nothing is like having the original Vanilla Ice Cream when you really need it.




That’s about it for my favorite Windows / Microsoft Tools. I wish there was more, but maybe at a future date I will add them and share with you all. I would add a link to the tools, but chances are you already own them. Appreciate them for what they are and what they can do, not for what they don’t or can’t do.


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