Polaroid Land Camera SX-70 Onestep Sonar

(Wait, this isn’t a hipster blog! This is a tech blog, why are we reading, this? Because this is technology-ish related and you’re already here so just bear with me)

Part 1 of 3

let me say it one more time Polaroid Land Camera SX-70 Onestep Sonar. That’s quite a name, but thankfully we can break that down a bit, but I won’t, because this is one of the most popular types of instant film camera’s out there, I think you know what this is, in fact it’s so far into the culture of America that we all know the Instagram Logo, the instant film and the essence of hipster cred this thing gets you. It’s a cool retro picture taker. And I’m going to catalog my experience with it.

My camera, looks alright, it isn’t.

I obtained this little strange object by gift. My sister wanted to buy a small bag herself and in this $3 briefcase was a virtually untouched Polariod complete and a manual with hope that one day it would be used again. Well you little guy, let’s buy some film.

BUABUABUQBUAABU!!!!! $23 for a pack of 8?! Screw that let’s look for cheaper film… and no… darn, I’ll have to suck it up and pay for a triple bag of expired film for $36… and that $10 shipping… Why you little! !@#$%^&

Anyways, I’m cheap and not sure if you’ve noticed but I don’t like to spend a lot, so you could say it’s the wrong type of hobby to get into if I really didn’t want to spend that much dough, but I also rarely take pictures. Very rarely I have I go out to an event, vacation, or party that I can’t even fill up my phone with pictures of people, rather it’s filled with just intimate objects. And I know what I want this camera for. People. I’m going to make an effort to use it to photograph my social life and all that jazz.

But I’m not a photographer, not a hipster or even a good artist. I’m just a man. Why do I do this? Well I just want to try it. I’ve seen people have fun with photography and there’s a joy I take in being the 3rd person point of view. So I read the manual, watched some Youtube and now I await for my film to arrive. Did I order flash bars? Heck no, all outside pictures for me. Let’s see how it turns out.

Expired Film Bag

I’m cheap and I know it.


My dad with the light exposure turned the wrong way, too far


My bro and his friend with the light exposure turned the right way, but too far.


One of these got stuck in the rollers and when I pulled it out, this happened. I blame the camera. Also I may have moved the camera when I took the second picture.


My cell phone takes great pictures by the way, at least compared to these.


For comparison


A Farewell

This film is expired so I expected some bad quality, but I can’t help but also blame the camera for something. I really want to practice with inanimate objects by the next post, so I can setup myself properly, so last film can be used for another event. There was more pictures but I gave those away since they don’t look very good and I was to ashamed to post them, trust me, they were worse than these examples. but thanks for reading and lets see how it goes next cartridge of film.



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