Polaroid Black and White Adventures

Part 2

Black and while film. The classic medium of hipsters and cheapskates who don’t want to pay extra for colored film. In this next installment of cheapskate hipster instant photographer we try out some more expired Impossible film on the notoriously hard to shoot quirky Polaroid Land Pop-up. AKA Sonar Onestep SX70 whatever.

My first attempts where once again shot indoors at night, despite telling myself it was a bad idea, this still produced much a better quality photo due to the fact that I kept the camera steadier… most of the times.


Momma! The camera automatically held the exposure open longer, I just noticed this feature recently, allowing more light in, but causing the picture to be blurry due to hand held movements.

Family time!

Family time! Big fake smiles everyone!

I’m going to combine all my last two 8-packs into one article as my experience with them is similar. The Black and white film was twice as easier to use, and developed much quicker than the color one (Sometimes even after 5 minutes! Borderline instant). I know which I’m going to pick in the future! The indoor scenes allowed me to really work the camera’s expose setting, finally letting me know how much is too much.


No he’s usually not THIS pale. Sometimes he’s much worse.


Thanks for holding still for 5 seconds!

As you can see once again, leaving the light exposure too high can let in too much light even in indoors at a Wendy’s and too little may be a good combo, just remind your subjects not too much, at all! (just tell that to my hands!)

hey look, it’s me trying to highfive this awesome chick at Macy’s

But now we get to the outdoor pictures! This one is my sister in front of their corolla and sadly that cheap film blurred out Sara’s face, but even so, it came out alright!


It’s not that Sara needed to be blurred out, it just happened I swear!

Next up is my bro and his friend shortly before going off the to meeting.


thanks for the pose guys! (original pic)

polaroid edit

Super Fly!. (edited)

As you can see I scanned this one in because I wanted to play with filters on GIMP and see if they made an improvement. I think they did since I was going for a red/rust look that Instagram filters sometimes give. I also up-ed the contrast and reduced some brightness to add the much needed shadows.

Next up we have pictures from a hike I took near the river. Me and my friends go by here all the time to film our Youtube skits and videos, but there’s also some nice scenery that’s properly lit and doesn’t move! Easy for me to shoot. Let’s go hunting.


like a G


not so G

As you can see, I some comparisons, still not bad despite lower res and lack of colors.


Not so spooky



I for one was impressed how well it could handle harsh contrast lighting situations, as my camera phone took just as bad a picture as the Polaroid. This next one is a picture of tree, they aren’t the same exact location but a good comparison nevertheless.




I did not close the exposure far enough, ugh I still cant get this right.


My Nissan Leaf!

That’s all the pictures I have for now, the others are not scanned in or not shot, but that’s if for this series of Hipster Camera Twinkie Blog. For the last one I decided to take a selfie as I rarely do so here you go, enjoy!

Zerin Sakech, the writer of Zerin’s tech space.

Last notes: Will I buy more film and keep shooting? Probably not, the shots are hard to take, hit or miss and ridiculously expensive even for expired film, this whole batch for $46 and at $2 a picture it’s really not worth it unless you have sentimental value for this medium or really want to try something totally different than conventional film or digital. But it has inspired me to buy a whole ‘nother Polaroid instant camera, which I will blog about in a future post.


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