Today’s Modern Polaroid Snap

Before you read this, it’s not a review on the Polaroid Snap Camera. It’s a review of what it stands for. Can this thing replace what Polaroids once stood for? Let’s begin.

What is a Polaroid, is it just an instant picture? Is it a brand that you can put on anything and hope it sells. Today the Polaroid company sells a lot of things like cell phones, TV’s, headphones and sometimes cameras. But a Polaroid used to mean “something magical” (No you dummy it means “anti-Glare material”) Hey it can also be defined as a picture taken by a polaroid according to an online dictionary so shut it! (Continue) . But to me the name stands for something else.

Me and my sis. It's hard to aim the camera but you get used to it.

So is this a Polaroid?

The idea of instant photography was invented when a little girl asked to see her picture. Edwin Land inventor of the Polaroid 95 Land Camera created such a thing. But the technology of the day was limited. We had to peel layers, wait for development, even for a few minutes and then only then you may see your picture. And it was a GREAT IDEA! (Source)

The idea behind it was instant fun and convenient. Using the older Sonar OneStep Land camera from my last two posts showed me how much attention and fun it is to use those kind of cameras, most people were even surprised when I told them the picture would come out in a few moments, then GAVE them the picture! It’s something that we’ve all missed having and it’s not the same as Instagram or Facebook picture sharing. Having a physical memento can really change picture sharing.

You wanna see a picture on my phone?

You wanna see a picture on my phone?

But there are two huge drawbacks in the older Polaroid in today’s modern society. Price, back then film wasn’t as expensive as it is now, and I’m not saying that Film re-sellers like Impossible Film are cheating us with overpriced film. But compatible film manufacturing and testing for older Polaroid cameras is quite an expensive process, and the equipment that shoots this film is not only limited but unforgiving to span a picture as I’ve learned from my short Polaroid experience.

Old Polaroid Equipment That's $46 of film right there.

Old Polaroid Equipment
That’s $46 of film right there.

If only they made a new type of Instant Camera that was easy to use and had cheaper film…

I guess you'll do

I guess you’ll do…

Can this $100 toy looking camera replace the old instant Film of yore? Maybe it can! We’ll see why in a moment then you decide, but what can it do? Not only is this a digital camera with a Zink printer attached, it’s…. well, that’s pretty much all it is. We learn that the ridiculous simplicity of merging a small camera with a Thermal printer turns out to be a really good idea! (Note! Again this is not a FULL review so find details on this camera on the Polaroid Site and Amazon.)

Zink film (Zink Paper- the type this camera uses) is quite cheap at around 33 cents a picture on a 2×3 glossy. The picture is much smaller than a usual Polaroid and maybe has the same resolution as a Real Polaroid. The film is very temperature sensitive so it’s much more delicate than an old Polaroid film believe it or not and will color all your pictures in a blue tint if stored improperly (Thanks handsome Mail-Man). These pictures of mine are also using expired film. (Thanks Amazon…) so they’ll come out with a blue tint until I buy more Zink Paper, but they are very clear and the colors are very good in comparison to the original Polaroid Film I was using in the last posts.

The pictures where easy to shoot, stress free and fun to share with friends and family. Everyone was more surprised when I handed them the picture as they were not expecting to receive one. (Well that’s cause I look like a creepy stalker taking their pictures.) It’s small tiny and fun, everything the old Polaroid was, but much more affordable and less snobby. The clarity is good enough, but I wouldn’t use it to replace selfies and those hundred photo-shoots people tend to do or as a main camera for cataloging vacations. But it has so much potential to be a good idea that I think the Polaroid will live on in one form or another, it’s just not this form yet. I believe after some refinements like location of shutter button, quality, speed, and a few versions later, this camera would be perfect, almost but not there yet. One of the things it needs is larger film packs for an affordable price. Even at it’s current state, the Snap a pretty good Polaroid and I’m not ashamed to call it that.

What is this camera missing? Nothing really, as it’s already a great instant picture taker at 30 seconds a pic, it really is much faster than your fastest Polaroid pic (2 minutes?). You can also insert a micro SD card which save copies of whatever picture you take. The Polaroid idea lives on and I’m proud to own and use this camera. I can’t wait for the next event to see how this camera fits in a fast moving and fun environment. as of this moment right now it’s only been used carefully in quiet locations, and home use, so expect another post in the far future and we’ll see how it does from now.


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