HHKB LITE 2 (Insane in the Membrane)

This is going to be a test of the emergency escape system. The first thing I noticed on the happy hacking keyboard was that the backspace key, which I sadly seem to rely upon a lot in life, (Like most things) is right where the `~ key is and it makes for a lot of mistakes, its not something I’d like to get used to. But the regular keys typing is really something of a natural feel though the mushy rubber dome keys are not to my liking.


The Happy Hacking Lite 2 Keyboard is the cheapest Happy Hacking model I’ve seen. I’ve never wanted to buy one since I’m a LAZY minimalist. That means I don’t want to go out of my way to simplify. So I’ve never bought a Happy Hacking Keyboard, but I have borrowed  a few and tried them out. This one happened to end up at work left over from an engineer who left long ago. It’s dusty keycaps longed for use in the field once more. Let’s bring it back.

But why does it exist? It’s a tiny little rubber dome keyboard without the FN keys and it drops the number pad like the baggage weight from a previous relationship. Why should anyone want it. Well for one it’s really cheap considering this is a special little kind of a mix between cute and affordable. I suppose it’s an entry level HHKB (Happy Hacking Keyboard). Let’s say you’re not into mechanical keys, want quiet or don’t mind the lack of noise or proper feel. The there’s also those who just want to save space, have a personalized keyboard and really need their desk to be customized.


Look this Linux nerd. Of course he needs 3 of them. 

The model I tried out also used the regular membrane mushy keys that reminds me of classic Dell keyboard that come with School computers. Classic, normal, nothing special. Just like you.

Lowering the keyboard does not seem to really make a difference and the mushy feel is even more extenuated by the force of my finger progression, as of this point I’m just typing a bunch or random buzz words to keep on going, but it’s noticeable that I hate typing on this thing.

All in all I don’t like using this keyboard, I’ve grown to realize that even though it’s cooler and much nicer to look at…”plus don’t forget space saving!” I’d just rather make room for the traditional mechanical keyboard which does not require me to adjust at all to another setting. So for now I’m good with what I’ve got.


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  1. I use different keyboard layouts almost all the time : french on work desktop. belgian on my laptop and Italian on my dad’s laptop. It takes me a couple of minutes typing to get used to what layout i’m using. I likr the italian though, it got qwerty + missing characters on US/UK layout. like: é è ç …

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