Natural scrolling and reverse scrolling. A complaint.


From the beginning of time, or at least since computers have been created, the mouse was a tool that came into this realm with the intent to make things easier, and eventually we upgraded to touch screen and it was bliss.

However, in the transition, we’ve developed touchscreen habits that have us moving pages of content up and down. Do we swipe the page down like a natural page? Do we scroll it like a mouse? Or should we touch on a scroll bar and pull the bar down like the blinds of a window? (That was a bad idea, please see Windows CE) It’s a user interface design nightmare! What would the user naturally do?!!!

Depending on the era we live in, we design user interfaces based on what people are familiar with. The only gripe I have is since we are in the midst of desktop, laptop, tablet and phone interfaces, they somewhat conflict with each other despite Microsoft’s best effort to unite all devices on a single platform.

But the issue isn’t really there. It’s more when the interfaces decide to take a well-known function, and reverse it, just to simulate what’s new. Does this make sense? Maybe to some people, but let’s assume you’ve been working with computers for a very long time. You click on a window, you want to see what’s below it, but when you scroll your wheel, suddenly the page moves in the opposite direction? It’s kind of annoying, sure it’s an easy fix, and over the years, all computers will function this way, but in the meantime, there’s buttons and options to change, it back to normal, let’s see….

NO! It’s not reverse, this is normal. Why are you calling my way of doing things…. Backwards?! Well is it? Compared to natural scrolling, I’d to call my method, old fashioned, original, or even normal scrolling. But not reversed… Or is it?

Well why was it originally and intentionally designed this way? Was it reversed all this time?

Back then the wheel of the mouse, didn’t move the page, it moved the scroll bar.  Not all mice had scroll wheels, so you had to move the mouse over to the scroll bar, hover, click, and move the page yourself, eventually over time you performed the same function with the scroll wheel WHICH CONTROLLED THE SCROLL BAR….. But now that the scroll bar is hidden or even gone. How should I be scrolling?

From windows 7 and 8 to 8.1 and 10 things changed. Microsoft informally announced that the normal method was now backwards, or reversed, therefore the natural scrolling is now default. Meaning things are backwards, it’s not too hard to get used to, it even may be better logically speaking.

Call me old fashioned, but I don’t like it.


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But can you show me the source code?

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