My Thoughts on the 2011 Nissan Leaf

It’s kind of pointless for some to read a review on a car that’s been out for a years now. Especially one valued less than the battery it comes with. We’re talking about the First Generation electric car for the masses at a price and range that is pretty decent. The FIRST electric car for the masses. Seriously think about that. Maybe you could buy electric cars before this, but this was THE one you could walk up to a dealership and say, hello I’d like to buy a Nissan Leaf ELECTRIC CAR, nothing special, just charge it before you buy it and take it home. By now Nissan has just sent out the second generation of this car. But this is what it had to start with.

Don’t think of it as a car…. It’s a tool, a device. A medium that gets you to point A and b. Do you have a plan, a route, a time and goal? Can this do it? When you sit down to think about it, you have a lot of objects like these in your life. These tools that you rely on and need but don’t really care for, because it’s replaceable, boring and really just part of your daily routine. This is what you generally take for granted. The Nissan Leaf is a car we ALL took for granted.

Yet I have little to no attachment to this 2011 Leaf,  I mean I don’t wanna sell it or even get rid of it. I need it like I need a keyboard, but I don’t care for it. Although sometimes I love what it does for me, but it’s not an unconditional love, like you do for a person you care about, but the love you have of a good coworker you can count on. Just do your job and I’ll do mine, respect me and I’ll respect you. Have a good day. See you tomorrow. Same time, same place. Why are you still here, go home Ben. Go home….

How different is it driving this than a normal car. It’s easier. There’s a reason they want to add self driving cars on the road. Commuting to and from work isn’t necessarily the highlight of our day, unless your job really sucks and your home life is a mess so if that’s the case, I feel sorry for you, please consider that nice Cadillac with heated seats and a BOSE sound system….. Moving on…. This Nissan Leaf is quite the relaxing, stress free, isolation bubble that we truly enjoy from our commute. Put on a song, a radio talk show or even text as I know most of you still do on the road.

Plug in every night, every chance you get, find the charging spots in town and try them out. Sign up for Chargepoint, plan out your daily routes and learn how to count miles, not minutes, speeding kills battery and waste not a kilowatt of power since you don’t know what your friends night wanna do tonight.

There have been no real changes to my life except that I don’t spontaneously go somewhere after work. I plan a little more and really consider using my other vehicles when I can’t control the situation. Such as a night on the town.

Do I wish the Nissan Lead had extended range like the Chevy Volt? YES. heck yes. But I know it’s not that kind of a car and I don’t fool myself thinking I can do more with this car than what it’s designed to do. Plus that would remove some of the benefits this car has. For example.

Quiet. Oh WOW! So nice. comfortable and easy to maintain. I mean I love that! Get in and drive. Brakes. What brakes? They’re still pretty fresh after 6 years! I took it to a tire shop and after so much driving I’m almost wearing out my 2rd set of tires. Yet the brakes are still good! It loves a good romping and stomping. The Leaf handles itself just fine on tight turns with a bit of understeer and boy does this puppy love accelerating to 40MPH.

but the Leaf is still just a car. A car for those who plan their life, know where they’re going and when. If you are not able to determine exactly down to the miles how many your drive a week. This is not the car for you! Because that’s what you’ll end up doing, all in your head, on the way to the wedding, you Google Map it, and plan it. Nissan Leaf. For the human that just knows where he’s going, today, tomorrow, for the rest of his meaningless life.

And that’s OK! Not everyone has a 8-5 job, steady employment at the same location, or live close to work. If you need a GAS Car, then that’s what you need. There’s no reason to hate, sure there have been a few fun pokes at the electric car range, but it’s rarely been an issue for most owners, especially since they usually own a second car. Personally my car just sits there for days on until I find a need to use it. And even then it’s not a need really, it’s just there, conveniently sitting there waiting for me to go on a longer trip than usual.

As a final note. I’ve never used the extended warranty. The battery’s been replaced under Manufacturer’s warranty due to a bad draining issue which dropped the range faster than it’s Kelly Blue Book value. After that it’s been solid range for a good 2 years. And I’ve had nothing go wrong with this car and it’s the best car I’ve driven in regards to reliability and comfort. It’s always been there for me. It just doesn’t compare to other cars because it isn’t like other cars. And I understand it’s nothing like a Toyota Prius with great range and excellent fuel mileage…… because why would I want two of them?


As a side note I’d like to thank everyone for reading my blog for many years, I’ve decided not to renew my website so I’ll be going back to the domain for now. Not much will change, but I think I’ll be blogging much less due to the nature of my work and time.


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