What am I doing here?

Welcome to Zerin’s Tech Space, you are here to learn and read about technology related material. I will be your guide. But let’s set some facts straight. My full name is not Zerin Sakech, but you will call me that anyways. And I may or may not live in Sacramento CA. I’m a Tech whose full-time job is to do anything computer related. Like most Computer Technicians, my job involves learning. I do many things, but for some reason people think I can…

  • Build Computers
  • Sell Computers (I am without a doubt the worst salesman ever)
  • Fix printers
  • Home Office Networking
  • Hack Facebook
  • Teach them everything about Tech stuff.
  • Setup Servers
  • Solder stuff
  • Sell crazy cheap computers
  • Go shopping with them to buy a computer.
  • Buy their computers for them.
  • Read their minds
  • Know exactly what’s wrong with their computer, over the phone.
  • Fix a GPS
  • Bypass passwords (Thank you Google!)
  • Fix Windows, Mac OS and Linux
  • Build Websites (Thanks to WordPress)
  • Do all of this under an hour away from my work environment.
  • Work for Peanuts. (Throw in a Pepsi and you’ve got a deal!)
I do most of these but not all, I won’t mention which. Even so I’m willing to try to fix anything. I’m a Linux User, Luser for short. And I still know Windows like the back of my hand, unfortunately it’s my left hand. I’ve got Experience in Mac OS and iPod, iTouch and iPhone stuff too, despite my huge dislike for expensive quality hard-to-fix proprietary products.
  • But what’s this website for? Oh yeah I forgot, this website along with a million others on the web, is to teach about computer stuff, simple as that. I’m on a small quest to end Computer iliteracy (I spelled it wrong on purpose).
  • I mean, why is it that people buy computers when they don’t know how to use one? Imagine if people bought cars the same way?!!! No thank you! I’ll take the bus than drive with you. Which is why I survive by fixing on people’s mistakes. It’s a good job that also involves teaching them how to avoid….
  1. Formating their hard drive.
  2. Getting hacked.
  3. Hardware Dismemberment.
  4. People like me.
  5. and so on. This post explains a bit more https://zerinsakech.wordpress.com/2010/12/02/why-im-doing-this/

But maybe you are curious as to who I am. You’re not? I’ll tell you anyway.

  • Even as a tech dude I don’t own a cell phone and don’t plan to, but you can contact me at zerinsakech@live.com and email me about tech stuff or tech questions that plague your mind. I try not to involve my personal life in my blog, as if I have one. But you may see hints here or there that tell an awful lot about me.
  • I live in Sacramento CA and work at Folsom Intel, and no matter how much I wish I could explain about Intel Products and junk, most stuff I’m not allowed to say. I’m a script monkey.
  • On the side job, I also fix computer stuff, Website’s are here http://jaredandzerin.wordpress.com/ and here www.zerinsakech.webuda.com  My Prices are cheap and flexible. I do this out of charity and kindness. And money.
  • I am a Linux gamer. Not a hardcore gamer, but Racing Sims are my favorite and the occasional casual Indie games. Check out my other gaming blog. http://lukekire.blogspot.com/ I don’t buy new games, I wait a decade until they become cheap or free. Either way, it keeps things in perspective.
  • I’m not organized as I’m sure you’ve noticed, I spout stuff as it comes into my mind so my posts may seem a bit ranty from time to time, though I try hard to minimize that.
  • My posts are stuff that I know, so don’t think that I’m stealing or copy-pasting random junk. I know more stuff than this, I’m just showing you my Tech Side is all. Most if not all these posts are written at work, usually on a Linux Machine in Gedit, Google Docs or something of the sort with no spell check. Notepad++ Rules!
  • I don’t like spell check, because makes people (me) lazy so you may see some errors here and there. OK I’m hungry. Over and out.
  • PS sorry about the bullet points, for some reason I still haven’t mastered the art of making a website with paragraphs.
  • Also, most people seem to think that all they see on the site’s front page, is all I’ve written, this is wrong, I have many more informative articles, just use the handy dandy search feature or look through the “All I’ve written so far” section to see ALL my posts. Because this is a blog.
  1. Sounds nerdy nerd to me but awesomely resourceful. Keep it up dude. I mean what u have on your website so don’t start getting any dirty thoughts.

  2. -Thank you for your Puppy Linux to Hard Drive instruction page. I tried for an hour to get Puppy installed to my HDD to no avail.
    Then I ran across your page and got it right on my first attempt. I am an old MS user and I am excited to start exploring an alternatie
    Many Thanks

  3. Dude, i feel like reading about myself here, you’re my bro :D . except the spell check, I use that to punish the ignorant me all the time (and i keep doing the same mistakes lol ). keep up the good work ;)

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