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LAN Party!!!

Like most people I like parties, and some of you may instantly know what I’m talking about, and some of you are like Wahh? What’s a LAN party? Don’t worry I was like that too when someone invited me to one of those parties. But why am I mentioning it now? Well, I passed by Techskills and saw this poster.

So what’s a LAN party? LAN stands for Local Area Network. It’s nothing like a Facebook Network, but a network where computers come and get together and play games with their owners. Gamers usually prefer to play together on a LAN because of NO NETWORK LAG ISSUES and you can actually yell at the guy who keeps dominating the game. The party part comes in because nerds and computer geeks do exactly what we would do if invited to a “real” party, play video games.

GUILTY!!! Haha this was a party I was helping DJ and we got bored, so we played games. But imagine a “fiesta” dedicated to gaming? So much fun, it’s not for everyone, you must love games. Any will do, Playstation, Nintendo, PC gaming, bring your old SNES if you want to! (For Example, last time me and my bro brought an old N64 and challenged people to 4 player Mario Kart.) Other than that you’re good to go. gives more details. I plan to go, so see you there! Entrance fee is 25$ if you pay beforehand. Why would there be an entrance fee? Well the party needs to be organized and place rented, plus a lot of planning and routers are needed to make this possible, so yeah expect to pay at most for an entrance fee, but it’s worth it due to the sheer amount of gaming there is! Plus they have contests and prizes to give away, so it’s worth it.

The sponsors are there as well to show off the latest they have to offer, like newest Intel stuff, Latest video cards, RAM and cooling systems, and sometimes they even let you try out their stuff.

But is it like a dark room where nerds hang out and silently play games for hours on end? I might not want to go cause it might be creepy. Don’t be so discriminatory. It’s a family friendly event. All are invited, even if it’s just to watch. Bringing your own computer just adds to the fun. Modding contests, overclocking, tournaments, are usually part of a LAN party. There’s always something for everyone. Plus the games are whatever you want to play, usually they play pretty popular stuff like Team Fortress, COD and WOW together, but if you like racing games like me, there’s nothing from stopping you from challenging other attendees to a good race, or showing off your Mine-Craft skills.

So that’s about it. Anyone close by Sacramento is invited, details are at …

Starts: August 20, 2011 @ 2pm

Ends: August 21, 2011 @ 5pm

Total Hours of Awesome Game Time: 27 Hours
BYOC Type LAN: Bring Your Own Computer

Location: Great Escape Games
1250 Howe Avenue #3a

Sacramento, CA 95825

Look at the flyer and check out the site, even if just for curiosity. Later now, got to go to work!


I got a job.

Yes, that’s what my best friend has been telling everyone. He’s so proud of me it’s embarrassing. I can’t wait until he gets one so then he can know what it feels like. Very tiring and hard, that’s right, not something to be showing off. But that aside it is true, maybe you’re noticed I’ve not posted recently, or maybe you don’t care, that’s fine too. But I recently got a one year contract at Intel over in Folsom as a Firmware Validation Technician, that’s my super fancy title, real title is “Motherboard Monkey Tester”.

It’s a job, and a very challenging one considering it’s an entry level job, requiring you to learn quick and on the spot. And there are so many smart people there! Also lot’s of different cultures I think there was one of mi gente :) But besides that Intel seems like a good place to work, I’ve only been there two days so we’ll see how it really is. I’d also like to give you more detail about the work place and regulations but I  have to obey rules, plus I don’t know if I’m allowed.

But in the spirit of keeping my posts informative, here goes. We do rigorous bug testing of the firmware on the motherboards, thats the software that runs directly on-top of the hardware. (Really I still feel it’s software cause it is, but only located some on the hardware. Therefore firm.) Firmware can be rewritten over and over again until we tell it to stay that way. That’s the the average person gets, bug free code and hardware that should work right. We do some of the last testing on motherboards before shipping it out to manufacturers and they redesign it if they want or whatever, Intel doesn’t care.

You might think they look like regular motherboard but they do not, they are huge and slightly abnormal, we test desktop and mobile boards and everyone works hard. Except me I’m still training and learning the ropes. First day was weird, I technically did no work but study and learn. Nice….. no seriously, really nice.

Man I wish I could write more or blog more about it, but I am so tired and sleepy. Growing up sucks. School was like so much easier. Even High School! You actually had free time. So kids don’t be in a hurry to grow up and get a job, you’ll be forced to eventually. So anyways I won’t whine too much today. Just trying to let you all know that I will not be blogging as much anymore, maybe one “good” post a month and some random filler in between.  The same goes for my Video game blog. Which really was made to test out Google’s blogger. However it’s fun writing showing off what I know and what I don’t and playing and giving away video games. That I will never stop doing, count on it.

One more thing. You all know I work for Jared and Zerin as well, heck this site is named after him.  But I still fix computers on the side, I also teach computers, ohh and humans too, I teach them about computers as well. hmmm more like preach. Well just know that for now the pc repair business is still up and running, but maybe we’ll do a farewell special if we close our doors soon, I was thinking along the lines of 20$ Linux installs. Or as normal people might know it as, 20$ to get your computer running again. The point is, Jared and Zerin and ZerinTech may be closed soon. That or have an owner change. Just a heads up.

Thank you all for reading and enjoying this blog. It’s the readers that motivated me to write and work on my teaching skills as well and my communication and typing.

Wow! It’s already 9:00! Time to go to sleep. Night everyone!

Windows 7 is now the most used OS in the USA

Finally Microsoft made something better than XP. According the the masses, which for some reason held on to Xp for an obscenely amount of time, XP was the most used OS in the US. Until April of 2011, Windows 7 is now the most used OS on the desktop. Here are the facts.

OS usages in the US

Windows 7: 31.71%
Windows XP: 31.56%
Widnows 7 Beta (AKA Vista): 19.07%
Mac OS X: 14.87%
Linux: .7%

Now this is very good since 7 is MS’s latest system and not bad, however, what is the real reason most people have not upgraded from XP to 7? The most obvious is that Windows XP only requires 200MHz and at least 64 MB of RAM to run. WHAT?!! Yes Windows XP can virtually run on almost anything, not as much as GNU/Linux, but compared to Windows 7 Which needs 1GHz or 1000MHz CPU and at least 1 gig of RAM, not many people want to buy a new machine when their old one will do fine, especially upgrading, uhh most users hate upgrading their hardware to run 7. And when you think about it, if all you do is email, office and internet browsing, all you need is XP. But if Microsoft is going to get rid of it in 2014 then what are all those people supposed to do? Buy a new machine? According to Microsoft, yes. NO! That is unacceptable i want to use my 15 year old desktop and my old laptop. Well then, you know what to do. It might be time to join the minority. No not that one! Go lower, the free one, yes good, very good.

Side note: Windows XP is still the major OS in the World! 46.87% uses XP and Win 7 = 31.17% not bad, but remember that most of the world is not rich, they can’t afford a new OS or hardware to run it (Like America), so they stick with XP. Mehh. At least Linux went up to 5% not bad. not bad

I got my info from here: LOL if you look down to 2003, there where more Linux users than Mac OS users. Check out more statistics and find out why!,12559.html ohh yeah this place too.

Jared and Zerin’s PC Repair Shop (Advertisement)

Yes I am going into buisiness, well I have been in business for a while, and considering the steady stream of ten readers per days I have decided to impliment advertising on this site. (Not much compared to other blogs, but many nevertheless)

So let me tall you a story, sit down old chap. A long time ago I went into the PC repair business with a dude Zerin Sakech (Still my Boss), we started the Zerin Sakech Company. I just repaired pcs and he took care of stuff, anyways, no one could pronounce the name of the company so he changed it to ZerinTech. At around the same time he joined forces with Jared PC Repair services and now we have a total of 5 Employees! Yay! Growth! The 2 Other employees are Lawyers, we need them.

So that is all, I’m just telling you all, you may have seen the new site, i have a link down there where the blogroll is, but if you want to see out new site and pricing… 

Also we need a Logo. so far all we have is this.

Well thanks for reading faithful readers. Keep learning and make sure an informative blog post a day, keeps the pc repair-man at bay.

Video Games Blog

Yes, I’m making yet another blog, this one’s about video games, however, it’s more like a test to test out the Google Blogger site. I wanted to see how it works, amazingly, it’s strikingly similar to WordPress, but i was just curious, also, i wanted to see if this video-game blog would even last. But is it a wise move to separate my blog into two? I mean i could have one for video games and one for tech stuff, or should i join them? You tell me. Also, one more thing, you may notice that i have a Meebo chat thing client, for some reason, even if i’m logged in, it sometimes says i’m offline, so don’t hesitate to chat it up even if you think i’m offline, I’ll explain more about this issue in a future post about IM Chat clients. WooHoo!

PS. I almost forgot, to see my other blog. Click here.


I won’t be posting anything in a while, maybe a week or so, I’m working on a good blog post about virtual machines, but i don’t want to rush it. So you’ll just have to wait.

A Thank You!

Well, this blog has been going for a short while, and in that short while I’ve had many visitors. Some people I know, and some I don’t, I just felt like saying thank you for reading my posts and I do hope you learn something from all this, because that’s my point, I want everyone to learn, even if it’s just a little more about computer. It’s very important in the world, unfortunately, and sometimes necessary, say to email a résumé, contact a relative for less $, or learn other stuff. So we need to know how to do these things and do them well and effeciently, and it helps if you know the machine you are using.

Anyways, just saying thanks for reading and please comment on anything you don’t understand, or if you want me to rewrite something that i didn’t explain well enough, nothing too big or small. Recomendations are nice too, i can add more pictures or videos too, maybe even capitalize my i’s a bit more often. But I need to know what you guys want, so you’ll have to tell me, cause i can’t read minds you know ;)

News on the Tech Front.

Yeah, this is not going to be yet another usual post, fellas, sorry to disappoint you, but I felt like writing about the tech news that nerds care about. To make this interesting, I’m changing my writing style a bit.

Characters are:
Erik=Semi-respected Computer Technician.
Studio=Reporter Female known as (F)
Zerin Sakech: The Boss of ZerinTech

So, tuning in on EZSS is the Technology news report. Here on the scene is the latest on Microsoft. (and by latest, i mean late). Erik Sanchez live…

“Yes readers today I’m on a windows machine, eagerly waiting for the Service Pack 1 update that is scheduled to come in on February 22 and update our computers. Talking to some of the nerds at my school, many are going to wait it out until they are sure it’s safe to install. Due to the last update for Samsung Windows Phones that left them “Bricked”, they are worried that the SP1 update may do something similar to their computers, a wise move indeed.”

(F): “Erik, are you worried about that? Why are you actually waiting for this?”

Erik: “Well to tell you the truth, I’m just curious to see what’s new, I also do hope something breaks down, so i can learn how to fix it. Either way, it’s not my main Operating system, so I’m willing to gamble. Tomorrow, I’ll tell you how it goes. ”

One day later….

“Ok it’s been a day already and man was I right. The Service Pack includes a new Windows Genuine Validation thing built in, meaning that the old cracks for Windows 7 will not work anymore.”

(F) “Should people who actually bought the product worry?”

Erik: “No not at all, since I actually own a pirated edition, (Strictly for testing purpouses! Don’t sue me yet MS) i got flagged, but no worries a quick search on the torrents site and a new crack was made to bypass this. It works fine now, and my PC is up to date and runnning reliably. Peopl who legally purchased the product should be fine as long as they update. The real problem is that it is not checked by defualt.”

(F): “What do you mean? Checked? Won’t the Computer find it?”

Erik: “It finds it all right, it just won’t tell you, at least it didn’t tell me, i actually had to search for updates and check the box in order to install. A normal user would never do that, so i guess the SP1 for Windows 7 does not automatically install itself, it will require part on the user’s part for the SP1 to install. -1 for laziness.”

(F): “You heard it here last folks, new update, new problems. Now we go on live to our Linux Geek, Zerin Sakech, the Proud owner of ZerinTech (Formally known as Zerin Sakech Company) And boss of everyone here. Sir, what’s going on in the Linux side of things?”

Zerin:” Things are going great, recently, the stocks for computers with Linux Built-in has risen, proving once more that I am not a bad investor. In fact, a new computer Builder is now in the market. and even though the machines are not the cheapest, they are new and come ready to go. Great more competition. Lets see what else. Ohh yes, in this year of 2011, it just seems that more Linux Distros keep popping up just about everywhere. I can’t keep up!”

(F): “Like which ones sir?”

Zerin: “Well, Debian Squeeze has recently been released and is now fully Open Source. Meaning that all the software and drivers that it uses by default, will be free to use and modify, this now makes Debian a fully Free Operating system, a great addition to a line of many others. Now Personally, I just care that it’s free and i can use it however I please, it makes it even better now that i can install this OS, customize it and sell it on our own line of home-baked pc’s. Without getting sued. Also a new kernel has just been anounced and boy does it get better with every update. Ahh! It’s a great year for Linux indeed.”

(F): “Wow, that’s great Sir, so you’ll be saving money then?”

Zerin: “Why yes (F) we will, ZerinTech now offers 40$ Linux installs, of any Distribution of their choice, or mine, and includes, One hour free teaching session, one on one, on how to use their new OS. Also, repair costs and hardware costs on our part will go down, so we will save money, as will the customer.”

(F): “So can I get that raise now?”

Zerin: “No.”

(F): “Well folks I quit.”
(F) Stands up, walks away, leaves room. Zerin is on the Telly looking around and wondering what the heck? Erik is glued to a computer waiting, not noticing what just happened. The world continues to spin ’round and ’round. Until next time, this is…

The Ghost Writer.  

PS: Sorry if this sounded like a commercial or something, that was not my intention. I tried to sound like a news report, which by coincidence, almost always sounds like a commercial anyways.

Why I’m doing this.

Well before I begin with my next article, I would like to clearly explain that these posts are meant for normal people whom are not computer technicians, i use these post to inform the regular joes, using Windows Or Linux, tips and things necessary that everyone should know about their pc.

I also mainly do this to practice my people skills in explaining what i do to their machines while i’m working on them. Some are interested in what i do, some couldn’t care less, anyways, i use this to explain and also keep fresh in my mind what i have learned. I’m a young human so don’t expect any great how to’s, in fact, there are none, i just blather on about what you can do and how to do it, but nothing super specific.

These articles are a good read for anyone interested in the technology field of computers. So feel free to read anything that might remotely interest you or comment, or even send me an email on what you want to know more about and if you want to me clear something up. Or correct me.  I also do this cause i’m bored sometimes. :)

The Linux Mission 3.75 (Chrome OS)

All right, a long time ago i mentioned about the OS Google was working on. Well during that time, the smart phone market has grown to such extreme lengths that Google decided to join that bandwagon. And a wise move at that.Their Android OS for smart phones has gotten very popular and is growing at a faster adaptation rate than the iPhone OS did. So this all means that Google will focus more on their Android OS than their Chrome OS. Will Chrome OS be canceled? Not at all! It’s just been delayed a bit. I was very excited when i heard it was supposed to come out November 25 but unfortunately it will take longer than that. So testing will also be delayed for this blog post writer, i wanted to judge a little more on it, but due to lack of time, and it still being in a beta test, it just wouldn’t be fair to write about it, just yet.

So what now? Well, we wait for something special rumored to be up Google’s sleeve, they say they might make a Google Product and that even though their OS will have to compete with many other similar OS’s it will still be worth looking at. Until then, later! Keep reading below for more informative blogs.