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My Thoughts on the 2011 Nissan Leaf

It’s kind of pointless for some to read a review on a car that’s been out for a years now. Especially one valued less than the battery it comes with. We’re talking about the First Generation electric car for the masses at a price and range that is pretty decent. The FIRST electric car for the masses. Seriously think about that. Maybe you could buy electric cars before this, but this was THE one you could walk up to a dealership and say, hello I’d like to buy a Nissan Leaf ELECTRIC CAR, nothing special, just charge it before you buy it and take it home. By now Nissan has just sent out the second generation of this car. But this is what it had to start with. Read the rest of this entry


Racing Athletes

Mario posts about racing and it’s physical demands.
I’d like to begin by showing you a commercial

  As you may have guessed, my post is on race car drivers. However I impose a question. Are race car drivers athletes? Race car drivers, and fans, have been accustomed to many people saying that race car drivers are not athletes. For the most part this debate isn’t such a big deal. However, every once and a little while some big time athlete makes a statement that throws this debate back into action. 

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Advanced Driving Techniques. (Cornering and Heel Toe)

Guest post by Mario, although this may not be a computer technical post, it is technical and therefore added to this blog. 

Mario enters the room. 


  Today my post will be on “Advanced Driving Techniques.” These tips and tricks are mainly for high speed driving on tracks however, many of these principles can be attributed to normal day to day driving which I will help translate. Before I begin, I’d like to state that I am no professional race car driver. However, I have won go kart championships and races against professional race car drivers. I also work as a mover for my dads company so I get a lot of drive time in. So lets begin. As stated earlier, my topic is advanced driving techniques. The first driving technique pertains to the track.

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Are electric cars any good? A Logical Mathematical Comparison

There’s a bit of controversy involving  Electric vehicles. I like to think that I don’t have a preference, or am biased, but I kind of am, so I decided to write up a comparison that would help me show you why.

(NOTE) I plagiarized just about every word in this article, but I put it together because no single article was long enough to answer all the questions I had. I also realize I don’t often talk about cars on this blog and I think I should although my lack of knowledge involving  cars scares me but I do like technology and well a car has technology, so let’s move on!

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