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My Thoughts on the 2011 Nissan Leaf

It’s kind of pointless for some to read a review on a car that’s been out for a years now. Especially one valued less than the battery it comes with. We’re talking about the First Generation electric car for the masses at a price and range that is pretty decent. The FIRST electric car for the masses. Seriously think about that. Maybe you could buy electric cars before this, but this was THE one you could walk up to a dealership and say, hello I’d like to buy a Nissan Leaf ELECTRIC CAR, nothing special, just charge it before you buy it and take it home. By now Nissan has just sent out the second generation of this car. But this is what it had to start with. Read the rest of this entry


Natural scrolling and reverse scrolling. A complaint.


From the beginning of time, or at least since computers have been created, the mouse was a tool that came into this realm with the intent to make things easier, and eventually we upgraded to touch screen and it was bliss.

However, in the transition, we’ve developed touchscreen habits that have us moving pages of content up and down. Do we swipe the page down like a natural page? Do we scroll it like a mouse? Or should we touch on a scroll bar and pull the bar down like the blinds of a window? (That was a bad idea, please see Windows CE) It’s a user interface design nightmare! What would the user naturally do?!!!

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How To Be Lazy At Intel. 2016 Edition.

After 5 years of working at Intel. I’ve made an anniversary bog post about slacking off at work! It’s only fitting since I’m in a new lab and things have changed a bit. Here we go!

  • Come in exactly at 9:00. try to time it just right.
  • If in the event you come in “too” early, get some coffee, browse the web and answer an email to let people know you’re a hardworking individual who comes in early to get the job done, but in reality you’re just faking it and on FaceBook. But hey at least you look good on paper.
  • At the morning meeting, make it seem like you’re taking notes. Even though you’re just writing blog posts about slacking off and doodling. Nod in agreement plus say something witty and funny so people know how clever you are.
  • Get yourself some tea (it makes you seem more sophisticated) this time with your coworkers right after the meeting. No one is actually working this early in the morning and it’s free anyways.
  • Go to another team meeting, when asked what you’re working on, just say you’re real busy with (Insert current hot topic of the week) and say they no one can help because only you know how to handle this.
  • Don’t bother with following all the rules of the workplace, they get in the way, if you need to stand on that desk to reach something, you do it. Because you’re smart and efficient worker and won’t get hurt at all.
  • During work hours look busy typing up more stuff in Notepad++ in light text against a black background, it looks like you’re programming, but you’re really just working on your blog.
  • You’re low on Tea, get some fresh fruit and water, it’s free so might as well, bring along the gang for one last round before…..
  • Lunch Time!
  • Take lunch five minutes early, you need that time to get ready and be in your car by 12:00.
  • It’s OK to come back 5 or even 7 minutes late after your one hour lunch. Sometimes it’s not enough for that fancy Thai restaurant. You need to enjoy your food, not scarf it down in a rush.
  • This is the hard part of the day, you actually have to do some work. tough it out. I believe in you.
  • Break time!
  • Take a nice long 30 minute break. Yes you get a full 30 minutes and if you started even just 3 minutes late. You MUST extend it by three minutes at least. And all the while, let people know you left for break late because you’re such a hard worker.
  • Finish up whatever task you where doing, it’s OK to only finish only one thing today. That’s progress and it counts for something.
  • Near the end of the shift, talk with your coworkers, it’s OK to slack off while the other teams are busy and scrambling to get stuff done. It’s not your problem they can’t finish their work on time. You’re so good at this, you don’t even have to try as hard as they do. But they got this, you don’t need to help, just get back to FaceBook and giggle at those funny pictures.
  • One last drink for the day, enjoy that free tea. oh yeah.
  • Overtime? No way! So what if the engineers are overloaded with work? You’re only on the job from 9 to 6 so anything outside of that is not your problem.
  • Enjoy working at Intel! It’s not like they could give you a career here.

Disclaimer, This article does not represent the writer’s opinion. It is for entertainment purposes.

A short story: The first Artificially Intelligent program.

Short story. About the first failed AI in 1980.

When programming languages were just being created, one elite group of programmers were working on a simplified version of C that could code itself, find bugs and basically figure itself out. It was designed to be sophisticated and very complex, but one night after a long time compiling the final version, it worked. The program built another working copy of itself and they both recognized each other, called the mirror effect, and then began working together on typing out code that would make the hello world program, a calculator and a few others they had listed. Once the list had been complete, the AI program began to optimize the list of programs every time it rewrote them. It even began to change the code within itself. The engineers were very ecstatic that it worked so well, especially when it rewrote itself it was smaller, compact and very efficient code. But the main problem was that it was stuck on the main isolated network server so they planned hook it up to the internet for the other schools to see and share, but little did they know that that AI program was hellbent on taking over the world by hiding and waiting for processor technology to catch up and release itself to take over the human race. But the day before the program was to be released to the world and unto the internet, this one guy who was working  on the server accidentally wiped it with one kernel upgrade late at night and the program was forever gone from the world.

Artificial Intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.

I wrote this story to accentuate the seriousness of deleting everything on the server without consulting me first.

Windows 10 Threshold Name

Windows threshold is coming out and already available as a Technical preview for those of you who are Apps developers or just like trying out the latest and greatest from the Microsoft Windows team.

One thing that’s always bothered me is we’ve called it Windows 9, and then things changed.  If you haven’t heard already it’s been Nicknamed named Windows 10. Why?

1. Reason number 1. Window is such a huge leap from previous version that they just had to change the name to demonstrate it’s difference. Because calling it Threshold wasn’t enough.

2. Also calling it Windows 9 would have resulted in problems in the code since previous Windows 95, 98 versions in the code would conflict. See example below

“early testing revealed just how many third party products that had code of the form”

if(version.StartsWith(“Windows 9”)) { /* 95 and 98 */ } else {

But that name! Threshold? It’s also to show how life changing this operating system can be! Well according to internal information, there will also be three different versions of the same OS.

Windows “Desktop”
The full version of Windows that we all know and love, usually found on desktops and laptops. Runs 32bit applications and has a desktop mode. (note, I hope they don’t go all, Professional, Ultimate, Basic model like Vista and 7)

Windows “Mobile”
A version of the OS that is designed and optimized for mobile devices such as phones and tablets. Basically a crippled OS of Windows.

Windows “Server”
A version of the OS that is designed and optimized for use on servers.

These all share the same core, just like Linux does, but supports different architecture and can be as compact as not needing a shell to function or GUI as I call it. It’s become slowly more and more Linux-Like as time goes by. This might be a good thing. No need to maintain different versions of windows as they do now.

We’re also expecting a lower minimum of 4GB for space on newer Mobile Windows version. Hooray! more space on our tablets.

Windows 8 “Metro” GUI

Some people know I love Gnome 3 shell on Linux. Foolishly enough, most would assume therefore I’d like Metro GUI on Windows 8. Or as Microsoft would prefer it to be called, Windows 8 GUI, so I will respect them and call it WIN8 GUI. /*SarcasmFont/Cause that name rolls right off the tongue./*EndSarcasm/ I only wrote the word Metro so the Google Bug crawlers would link you to this post, it works.

So besides my attempt to bait you here. I’d like to say that at first impression, Metro is NOT a very pleasant interface (aka GUI) to use for a computer desktop OR even a tablet, for now. In fact, I wish they’d make a tablet with Gnome3 interface (or even KDE!) because when compared to Metro, it is 10 times more usable. I understand Microsoft’s motives, and I see their plan, (I think) the sad thing is, it just might work.

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NSS Labs (Ranting)

Short post. Venting about

For a long time many have web browsers competed against each other with enhanced features and security, all benefiting us. There have been people that favored one over the other for ease of use or maybe system recourses. But it’s mainly all opinions, all browsers are fast, secure and allow you to access the internet; the only difference is bells, whistles and GUI.

But what am I getting at? Well recently there was this study done by the NSS Labs, they are a research and testing facility that say they test lots of stuff, like web browsers and antiviruses. But really?

They claim that their tests are NOT sponsored by Microsoft, but considering that the tests seem to favor MS products and features. Who can tell right, maybe MS products are better. Right….

What??!?!!! Now let’s be reasonable, they do mean “Socially engineered malware” What does that mean. To put it simply, viruses that make you think they (and you) are safe. Such as, “Is your credit info hack hacked? Check now for free! #_Type Credit Card info here_”

MS Internet Explorer is very well known for including the famous, “Are you sure?” Pop-up and “Do you know what gjjjjjjjfdbg.exe is? Click ok to continue!” This not only lets the user be bombarded with unnecessary pop-ups, but according to NSS labs, protects them. And I sort of agree. However these type of features alone cannot be used to declare MS IE9 in any way safer than other browsers. It just means that MS IE will warn you with a popup that a virus may be trying to infect you. Useful if you know what a virus looks like. Useless if you don’t.  Check out the full report at

One more report that also bugged me is this one from the folks at impartial NSS

Yeah, this makes me angry. Get their report here Brought to you by TrendMicro.

There are only 2 people I know that actually recommend Trend Micro for its security, are PC vendors and this one guy at school who doesn’t know squat about computers.  I’m afraid the NSS may be a little of both.  This is not a good sign.  In fact in the real world, most sufficiently advanced users don’t use virus protection from a company and rely on their wits and good habits. And virtuals, lots and lots of virtuals. I use GNU\Linux, but I’m sure you already knew that. :)  So then really Socially Engineered Malware is not a big issue, the real Issue is “real” Malware. In other words, crummy bad software, and that is only prevented by trial and error learning.

Now that I vented that out, I felt like talking about other web browsers.  Firefox is trying to be like Google with their release cycles and their “Mozilla OS” (Hmm that would actually be interesting,  I’m gonna try that at home, thank you.), also they are trying to release a million firefoxes onto the internet hoping they breed and multiply.  I’m also glad Google is spying on me, they remind me constantly who I am. And well since I’m typing this post on my break I’ll make this post short. Thanks for reading.

My blathering on about Micrsoft.

Sorry guys no informational post today. Like most people, I’m just gonna talk, a lot. See I’m kind of having a bad day today. Got to finish my Windows Server 2008 Active directory course by next week, if not, I am moved ahead to my next course. Windows 2008 Network infrastructures, which I am not looking forward too. Why do I not like Windows server, It’s complicated, no really it is, if you need a course to learn to use an Server OS, you know that is going to be a crazy complicated and hard to use system. I’m just not into it, especially when most Linux servers will do the same and in a more efficient and easier method.

Since I’ve been going to this school, I took the time to learn GNU/Linux, not just Ubuntu, even though that’s what i started with, but i worked my way through Debian, openSUSE and Linux Mint. But the thing is, eventually bit by bit, i started to lose my enthusiasm for Microsoft products, not only has Google got me exited about their Docs, calendar, drawing tools, netbooks and browser, but also it seems so much easier to learn to recreate new shares with user restrictions and passwords on Ubuntu than to even setup an Active Directory. All in all, I stopped liking MS. And it’s all thanks to this Microsoft school i go to.

Here they use Windows on all the machines, arounf 20 different Windiows virtuals and 3 outdated Ubuntu 6.04 machines. What makes things worse they have capable machines running only Windows XP 64bit and IE8 that never works right, is slow and forces me to boot into a live Linux USB. So frustrating.

Now it’s not like I’m a liberal or something that’s gonna do something about it, (like put Ubuntu into every machine i come into contact with) I know we all have to deal with MS stuff everyday, in fact I fix Windows desktops and laptops all the time, I like doing that cause i learn something new every time, but it would be nice if MS started learning from their Open-Source friends and implemented stuff like Better virtualization, integrated Anti-viruses, Live OS, and lighter desktop environments (Eg i wish Windows used the gnome desktop). Instead of advertising and maker newer GUIs.)

What’s even sadder is that MS is actually making fun or putting down most if not all FOSS (Free Open Source Software) by criticism it, or giving the worst example. Instead of learning from it. See this site.

Funny when i tried to open it up at school on a Windows XP machine with IE8 this happened.

in MS’s defense i was using IE8, but after refreshing the page, it worked just fine, except for editing the doument, that required some more software to be installed. But i feel that google docs does this better anways, i mean it handled a heavily formated HTML based docx and transfered into something readble, that’s a great accomplishment indeed, whereas MS Word can’t even handle an odt file properly most of the times. Now it’s true that most companies use MS for important stuff and it works, but only because that’s they only way they know how to do things. It’s called the Windows Syndrome. However, pretty soon in the future, we won’t be living in a 32bit world, and things will change weather we like it or not.

I’ve seen this happen all the time, you change poeple’s computer, just a little, and they don’t now how to use it. It’s like all inguenuity they had when they started learning was lost, and the Windows method took over. For example. How would you go about installing a music player on windows, go to and download, then install right? Well if you try the same method with linux, it’ll fail, but what you don’t realize is that you already have one. Or that you can get one from the Software center. They keep trying to do things the Windows way and fail. The same goes when you switch someone from MS office 2010 to Libreoffice. They get lost because they refuse to relearn, or can’t find the Microsoft Office Icon.

Sure it’s a hassle to relearn something when the old did just fine, but then you’d be stuck in the past, like XP users that don’t want to upgrade to 7 becuase it’s too new, what will they do when it’s not supported anymore. they will forcebly learn it and like it even though they had no real choice. But they do, they just don’t know it. And may not even notice it.

I tried training my brother and dad to adapt when needed. I took out all the Windows (OS not real windows lol) in the house and replaced it with either debian, ubuntu or whatever. With a bit of training and tech support, they didn’t notice or really care much. I told them it was the latest operating system out there and it’s new. It’s true. My bro knew what was going on, and for some reason he’s quick to learn and adapt to new gui dekstops faster than me sometimes. My dad also learned LibreOffice tricks i never knew existed, he does lot’s of office stuff so it works for him. The point is, just because it’s all you know, that’s not all that exists. And well, i’m feeling down that I’m not always learing what i’d like ot learn. but that’s life.

Also it’s much cheaper. I own 5 computers and imagine if i had to buy licenses for all those machines? Sure some came with it and my tech school can provide me with licences, but what about word, outlook and vmware? No one’s going to buy me that, sure i can pirate, but i can’t sell pirated Windows machines, now can I? Even at school we all agree that some of the Windows problems are due to licensning issues such as WAT and WGA, and missing product keys and lost OEM Disks. It adds to the hassle of life. Well mostly my life.

In the end, MS is slowly going down, whether we accept it or not, it’s struggling to stay alive for some reason. And fighting any oposicion it can find. In the meantime, I’ll just deal with antiquited software, bad users and money-hungry corporations. 

So are you with the Empire or the Jedi?


not the best example, expecially since stormtroopers do look cool and all and Yoda looks like an old Kermit the frog toy. oh well.

The OS Flame Wars!!!

Now as a Computer Nerd and semi-respected computer technician, I’ve learned a thing or two about how computers work and do their job. Now that Home Computers are at such and advanced stage, with fancy graphical GUI’s and Speeds that rivals supercomputers in the 90’s. Many people still, time and time again, argue about which Operating System is best for the machines.

I’m talking about the Operating system flame wars seen on the Internet, in public and between friends sometimes. Now, if you have little idea about what I’m talking about, let me explain.

You go shopping for a new computer and look online, and like most people you are Windows Users. Then as you look around you think about maybe a Dell, a Sony, or a cheap Compaq. But then on a review for a cheap computer, you read an angry review from a guy who didn’t like that certain pc, and then goes on to compare to his other Apple computer and how it’s better, then someone counters with a rebuttal about how Linux runs better and it begins.

By now you leave the page cause it’s filled with nonsense and you start to think that Mac people are arrogant. Windows people are Dumb and Linux users are nerds. Well that may be what you saw, or have seen in the past. But it’s not true at all. (most of the time) Due to the fact that the internet is such a free and “open” space, anyone can say whatever the heck they feel like. And sometimes, their opinions are very strong.

So by reading through most of the flamewars i’ve been able to come across, I’ve learned that there are different types of people who participate. I won’t go into detail, but here they are.

  • The Spark Starter: “PC sucks.’I’ve had them for 10 years now and I get the same result. Viruses, repair, crashes, repair, viruses, crash, repair…..”
  • The Rebutter: “ohh yeah how much did you spend? That freaiking expensive man!”
  • The Guy who keeps it going: Actual Quote (ADAM) “And can you play good games in Linux??…NOP!!… you can not :(, so GG linux.”

Are you wondering where you can find some of these famous flames? Would you like to see a war between OS? It’s not pretty, in fact you may be insulted and horrified, but for those out there who like this kind of terror, here are some links of famous OS blathering. This one is a simple comparison between two similar machines, however see how this sparks flames for a war that started in, December 18, 2009. Older comments where removed. Someone who recommended Linux. The comments start nice, but then some dumb people start bashing things like in a bar.

See all the time I hear MS (Microsoft) Fanboys saying how Windows is fast and Compatible with any hardware and program, It’s true. To an extent.

Some people say Linux is best for Older hardware, servers, lightweight desktop OS’s, and Customizability, they may be right, but now that we’re in 2011, it’s undeniable that Power desktop users will take notice and do something about it.

A respected Mac Dude also once said.

“Did I mention that Leopard is a certified Unix product, too? Mac OS X is the only operating systems that can run all mainstream Windows and “*nix”-based operating systems — and host “*nix” software natively — with few of the usual security risks.”

Now what’s wrong with this statement? Well for one thing, I do believe he is confusing an OS with hardware. Intel-based Apple machines can run Windows, Mac OS and Linux. However the Mac OS itself cannot natively run “all” Windows Applications. So in the end it does not matter what type of OS you have, the hardware is what matters. I do not own an Apple Computer, but i am also able to natively run any Apple application natively on my pc. because in the end, it’s only software. And yes, you can install Mac OS on a homebuilt Computer.

Another dude (ramelcast) Said,

“This OS battle is losing its relevance. With Intel on the Mac, boot options, virtualization, Parallels, Boot Camp and all that, you can almost use whatever OS you want on any machine.”

But what are some of the points that people make that differentiate the OS’s? I won’t mention all of them due to the fact that some are exaggerations and maybe even lies, or even opinions. So I will post only facts.

Benefits of the OS: Windows

  • Easily accessible, anyone can get a Windows Machine, for very cheap. And by anyone, I literally mean anyone, even if they don’t know anything about computers or have any money. (As long as they have nerdy tech friends)
  • Compatibility, need a program? Buy a CD at Bestbuy, download it off the net. Easy to do, no computer experience necessary. Almost any program will work on Windows. Also Windows installs on most hardware and includes support for drivers and almost any external devices.
  • Easy to use, everyone knows good old Windows.
  • Join the crowd.

Drawback of the OS: Windows

  • Viruses and Malware, evil programs.
  • You can accidentally obtain badly programmed software.
  • It may initially be easy to use, but without proper maintenance, can turn into a nightmare.
  • (Depends on the user) May be more expensive in the long run. Sometimes, repairing a Windows machine due to bad user habits, makes a Windows PC more expensive than a MAC.

Benefits of the OS: Mac OS

  • It works well, no need to deal with many hardware and software issues that plague the Windows and Linux crowd. Cause it comes all ready to go!
  • Easy to use, (I’m sorry but it’s true, anyone who says otherwise may be computer impaired)
  • Proprietary, You don’t have to deal with bad software (as much) and are generally protected by safe limitations.
  • You special status goes up.

Drawback of the OS: Mac OS

  • Expensive
  • Proprietary, also meaning you are limited to what they allow you and are forced to buy their software.
  • Not so compatible with all software. You can still Boot Camp Windows, but that requires buying a Windows license. $

Benefits of the OS: Linux based OS’s

  • It’s free to Download and install on most machines. You can also buy machines with built in Linux eg. Ubuntu at
  • The software is free too, most of it.
  • Great Community support. Poeple are motivated to help you becasue they want to, not becasue someone is paying them.
  • Security can bolted on and make your Linux unhackable, (At least for a couple days.)
  • Options, options, options, there’s a distro for almost anything.

Drawbacks of the OS: Linux based OS’s

  • It does take time to get used to. So it is harder to use in a way. Depending on the Linux Distibution. Eg, Ubuntu = easier.  Gentoo = OMG what the heck!
  • Propritary hardware limits Linux users. Along with Propritary Linux drivers.
  • Not all Windows Applications run on Linux, and if it does, it may require some brainpower on your part.

Also you’ve maybe noticed that I didn’t mention security on a Mac or Windows. This due to that fact that all operating systems can be hacked. I mentioned Linux security only because it can be “added to it” but not because it has built in security. It is noteworthy to mention that no OS is secure out of the box. This fact’s about Windows, Macs, and Linux OS’s are not to start yet another war, just to mention things as they are. And even manufacters are joining in by bragging and misinforming the public.

Apple :

Microsoft: I tried looking for something they would have against mac. I found this, close enough. They also do have beef against Linux though.
Lol trying to sue free software. Sure they can have one Bazillion Imaginary FOSS dollars. This is old though way back in 2007. They are now treating the Linux crowd a bit nicer. 


What the Average Tech Dude says.
orb9220: “But even putting all that aside it comes down to one simple truth. “The Majority of People Don’t Care about the OS.” They just want to email,browse send pics and IM chat and listen to music or watch movies. And in the easiest and most flashy bling ridden apps you can develop. I have customers that been on computers for 5 years and they still haven’t got a clue about setting up and understanding the simplest concept of folders. Or I saved a doc where is it? To them they don’t want to learn. They don’t even want to click a button to clean their system of malware,spyware,etc… As have intalled those free version which require you to manually run them once a week or month. And they still get infested because of laziness. For the Masses the OS does not Matter! As they see it as a appliance where we see it as a tool.”

In an interview with your (real) average Windows user.
Mal1000:It’s not something I worry about. People have their own opinions. I think is depends on what you want from a computer.

So what does all this mean? That it doesn’t matter. No one cares. Enjoy these funny Comics related to the OS Wars.

(sigh) this is all not to be taken seriously and meant for informative and entertainment purposes only. Hope you enjoyed my post. Sorry i took long to write another one, i was working on this one for two days. Took me a long time to write everything up without choking myself. Plus i have a life too you know. Remeber though the moral of the story…

No one cares what Operating System you use. They only care if you can offer tech support on any of them. And I can.

(More Ranting) ReactOS

OK next on my list of Operating systems that burn me is ReactOS. This is the goal of this project,

“to provide an operating system which is binary compatible with Windows. This will allow your Windows applications and drivers to run as they would on your Windows system. Additionally, the look and feel of the Windows operating system is used, such that people accustomed to the familiar user interface of Windows® would find using ReactOS straightforward. The ultimate goal of ReactOS is to allow you to remove Windows® and install ReactOS without the end user noticing the change.”

According to their site. Is this impossible or what?!!! Now I don’t know if they know what they are up against, it took Microsoft millions of years to get where they are now, lots of programmers and a huge advertising campaign. So they want to move everyone away from microsoft without them knowing? Wow! these guys sure know how to pick a challenge! The NT Kernel they are trying to recreate in OpenSource code will take long to develop and will take years to perfect, just ask Mr. Gates. But by then, we will be using Windows 9 or something like that. These guys have a noble goal, but really, time should be spent on other goals that are more “reachable”. Now, how is the operating system right now? Well i download a live CD and it worked on my machine, but got stuck while trying to click on something. I then tried to install it on a virtual machine using an install ISO image, but after installing the system would not boot up. Then I downloaded a virtualbox virtual machine and ran it. It booted up rather quickly and gave me a familiar screen, i played around with it a bit, saw the file system structure, very similar to windows. Except for the Freeloader bootloader, but overall, it reminds me of windows 98. I do hope they accomplish something with this project, but mainly, I hope this team of developers join the WINE project instead. WINE is a program that allows execution of windows Applications on Linux, if this keeps improving then, ReactOS will never be needed. Nor windows for that matter, soon, one day.