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GCW Zero explained

If a good name is anything to go by, then the GCW Zero is a great fit for this console. I’m not being mean or unfair, it’s a great console but not for the kids who just expect to buy a game and plop it in an ready to play, so before we begin buying one online, let’s know what it is.


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Musings on an Android Console “OUYA”

Let’s get the bad mojo out of the way since most of this blog post will be very positive. I don’t like the name of the console, and price of the controllers. That’s it. Really. Now let’s get to business.

OUYA Price.
$100 for the console and 1 controller.
$50 per bluetooth wireless controller.

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Javascript Madness!

Wow! As if we need more proof that the web is growing and getting better all the time! Ok check it out guys, remember when we all carried gameboys and played out little nintendo games whenever we felt like it? What you still do? Well now you can play these orginal games emulated in your very own browser! If you have them as roms or get them from some other place online, you can play them anywhere, even at school.

See one thing that’s really bothered me ever since tetris, pacman and mario clones came out, is that they are never as good as the original and I could never get the feel for the original on a flash game online, Although google pacman came very close as a pacman clone. Here let me show you. The real deal.

So as you can see here I can play tetris and it’s the orginal one! No fake flash game the real game emulated in java code. I played the tetris at this site. Woo! I’m getting 62 FPS! Yeah! There is another site where i think makes this even better, see this site actually allows you to upload your very own rom collection and play it!Yay! No adminitrator privileges required. All these games require a decent browser, I would recommend Chrome 11 or the latest Firefox which worked wonderfully uner Fedora 15 beta as you can see.

So if you wanna try out the latest in web start playing your gameboy roms online today! here’s the other Gameboy Emulator site. This one seems cooler but comes with no games, must upload your own. Here I am playing legend of Zelda. I can never seem to finish the game.

If you need to download some roms check out this cool site, So enjoy you day. Then maybe later when you are bored you could check out this site This site actually loads Linux in your browser and you can do some very simple stuff, you are not remoteing into a linux machine, this is actually Linux emulated in your browser, so this is cool too. One day Windows XP will be emulated in our browser too. Cause Windows 3.1 is already here. Win 3.11 clone

Here’s what the linux in my browser looks like.